Spotlights - what is this?

Building a house - the process is quite time-consuming.One of the most important stages of the roof is a roof.Experienced professionals recommend using a special method of laying with spotlights.This will ensure a high quality ventilation, which greatly extend the life of the coating and to get rid of mold and mildew.

soffits: the general concept

Modern methods used in building construction, can significantly extend the capabilities and radically change the traditional approaches.One of the biggest decisions - use of special roof panels.Spotlights - a building material, which sheathe horizontal surface.He not only gives the building a complete and aesthetic appearance, but also promotes good aeration of the space under the roof.First of all, the installation of spotlights will completely solve the problem with the accumulation of moisture and as a result, the problem of dampness and mildew.

What are spotlights?

Spotlights - a construction panel, which is attached to any horizontal surface.It is

made of aluminum, plastic and copper.To this material had a nice appearance, it is covered with a special polymer composition.For aesthetics and reliability of fastening on panels installed locks for connection.With them, you can create a whole web.It is worth noting that interlocks greatly facilitate the installation process.

Spotlights - a "ceiling" in Italian language.According to the functions they perform it can be compared with clapboard or siding.However, such panels have one significant advantage - perforated surface.That it enables you to "breathe" and does not batten accumulate excessive moisture.

soffits for interior

This material has a few differences.First of all, there are panels that are intended for internal and external operations.Depending on what the room is almost normalized humidity, ceiling spotlights, you can buy without perforation.This option is ideal for almost any room.However, you need to pay attention to the bathroom and kitchen.These very specific areas, they accumulate a lot of evaporation and humidity, so you can use a special model with perforation down the middle.

Destination spotlight

peculiarity of this material is that its use is possible both in new buildings and old.


  • facing roofs, in particular, cornices, skates, pediments and so on. Etc .;
  • can be used in open areas: verandas, terraces, garden furniture;
  • ceiling soffits - the best way to trim indoors;
  • ideal for hiding communication;
  • copper panels can fully replace the mirror surface;
  • aluminum soffits and other widely used in the design techniques.

soffits: the advantages of the material

Brand new building material - spotlights for roof - almost immediately won leading positions.Their success and popularity has increased due to the following advantages:

  • versatile material.It is used both inside and outside the building.
  • Wide range.Variety of colors allows you to roam imagination.
  • Resistance to climatic factors.Unlike wooden prototypes spotlights easily tolerate any whims of nature, thus completely eliminate the proliferation of mold, mildew and other bacteria.
  • strength of the material.Resistant to mechanical damage.Also, do not fade, do not react to sudden changes in temperature (range varies from -60 to + 1500C).For a long time retain the original appearance.
  • Sustainability.Spotlights do not contain toxic substances.
  • Fire.This material has a high level of fire resistance.
  • Practicality.Thanks to good breathability lifetime of the roof is significantly increased.
  • Lightweight panels.This indicator is indispensable for facing of dilapidated buildings, and did not need to carry out further work on strengthening.
  • Easy installation.Installing spotlights at any time of the year.The process itself does not take long.
  • Easy care.To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the panel simply wipe with a damp cloth and detergents, additional dyeing and other ways to upgrade is not required.
  • long life.After installing the spotlights will last at least 30 years.
  • economy.Soffits (the price is much lower than that of wooden skates) can save the money invested in the renovation of the building.Cost sofitovyh panels - from 100 rubles.per square meter or above.On pricing partly influenced design, material and size of the canvas.

Using the latest technology in home construction or renovation will yield quality results.One of the recommended materials are experienced professionals spotlights.In preference, you can forget about the problems associated with the repair.