The pump for pumping sewage at home.

often happens that connect to a central sewage system is simply impossible.In this situation, homeowners have resorted to developing its own sewer system - dig pit latrines, which will be sent through a pipeline waste from the kitchen and bathrooms.But sooner or later, the pit is filled completely and there is a need for its evacuation.

pump for pumping sewage in the home - a device that affects the health condition to a private home nearby area.

Why is it needed?

Thanks to the pump equipment, such as pumps for sewage treatment, the following tasks:

  • wastewater treatment and removal of sludge;
  • pumping contaminated water;
  • pumping sewage;
  • cleaning sewage systems from thick deposits;
  • liquidation and discharge the contents of septic pits, toilets.

How are pumps for pumping sewage?

device consists of the following components:

1. Inlet.

2. outlet.

3. The cutting mechanism.Designed for grinding of all particles and foreign objects that have fallen into the sewage.Typically, this impeller w

ith cutting edges.

4. Engine.

The larger the diameter of the inlet and outlet, the higher the performance of the pump.Wide flow channels allow fluid to pump contaminated with foreign particles, whose size - 1-10 mm.

pump for pumping sewage: types and features

Depending on the intended use, all pumps are divided into:

  • to drainage;
  • faecal (sewage).

first designed exclusively for the elimination of waste water.If we are talking about pumping sewage, the best choice is to use a fecal pump.

pump for pumping sewage in the home, in turn, is:

  • a shredder;
  • without chopper.

aggregates with a chopper may be pumped cold water (less than 40 degrees), while the pump without chopper only suitable for pumping hot wastewater, where the temperature may reach 90 degrees Celsius.Machinery equipped with a chopper, is in great demand.

By way of placing the pump is:

  • Outdoor.Installation of this equipment is carried out directly at the top of the sump.Fence fluid occurs by means of immersion in an aqueous medium of special hoses.Flowing not equipped.

  • Immersion.The opposite of the previous subspecies equipment.Functions after placing the pump in the sewage.Design features of this type of pump allows to install it in the bottom of the sump.The housing is made of high quality materials that are resistant to the harmful effects of corrosion.There are several design options, depending on the depth.
  • semi-submersible.It can be divided into two parts, and a part of the pump where the motor is located.The first completely lowered into the water, and the motor is on the surface.Flowing not equipped.

Pumps for sewage and the rules for its pumping

pump for pumping sewage waters must be equipped with macerator grinder.It is necessary to ensure that this equipment is not out of order and work effectively when pumping contaminated water that contains large wastes and other blockages (exceptions: stone, metal, and so on. N.).

sewage pumps with grinder is ideally suited for pumping sewage clogged.It has a larger diameter inlet and outlet that provides a high level of performance equipment.This allows the use of both domestic and industrial sewage pump conditions.His hands filled pit can be pumped out, perform the following steps:

  • ensure that the vessel, which are subsequently transported to the dirty water and transported to the point of disposal;
  • install pumps;
  • connect the pump to the mains, and hoses;
  • during pumping as required to add water to the liquefaction of waste for the purpose of higher density.

Features selection of domestic pump technically

  • Housing material.The pump operates in a hostile environment, but its influence has to be him uneasy.Corrosion-resistant considered plastic, iron and steel.
  • Power rating.From this figure depends on the performance of pumping equipment in general.However, choosing a pump for pumping sewage in the home, should first be guided by indicators of volume drain hole (septic tank).
  • maximum pump head.It refers to the qualitative characteristics of the unit.A parameter that determines how high the pump is able to lift a liquid.In most instances, it is slightly lower than the manufacturer's specification.
  • Cooling.There are two ways: engine cooling liquid and oil.The second variant is considered more acceptable because the cooling efficiency of the above.But it is worth noting that price indicators such pumps above, and it will pay off only if a pump for pumping household sewage is in frequent use.

What conditions are necessary to take into account when choosing a pump?

  1. depth of the septic tank and the distance from the place of pumping sewage tank set up for export.On the basis of these criteria is calculated the required lifting capacity of the pump (head unit).Lift height = (well depth + horizontal distance in a straight line to the place of pumping water environment) / 10.
  2. volume of drain holes will determine the choice of engine power unit.Before choosing a pump for pumping sewage, you must know the parameters of your sump, since this figure is considered to be one of the fundamental.
  3. diameter input and output shlangochek which is the main link in the chain "septic tank - pump - tank for removal."The so-called binding member.
  4. approximate density of the sewage mass.Will pick up the equipment with the corresponding equipment: with or without a shredder.

it worth to save on manufacturers?

course, buying a pump for pumping sewage at home, better to give preference to equipment known brands that have long occupied a leading position in the market of building materials and deserved prestige among consumers.Are these pumps are a bit more expensive, but the quality characteristics of the unit, its practicality and reliability of the doubt is not necessary.

Other methods of pumping sewage at home

Draw sewers in a private home or in the country in several ways: use the services of sewage truck, arrange the sump pump or use chemicals.

first option is quite expensive, as specialized transport can pump out a certain amount of liquid.So, if your septic tank can hold, for example, 10 cubic meters of water, and the volume of the tank, which is equipped with special equipment, is 5 cubic meters, the firms providing the type of services considered necessary to address and, therefore, to pay twice.This is disadvantageous from an economic viewpoint.

second method economical.However, before embarking on the organization of the process of pumping by using pumping equipment, you need to decide where to go after waste water pumping.