Loch angustifolia and silver

Loch angustifolia - a bush, which are familiar to almost all people living in Russia.But few know his real name, and value for the industry and the economy.In everyday life it is a deciduous tree is often called "black olives" because of its peculiar fruit is indeed reminiscent of the fruit of the olive tree.

Shrub oleaster

plant reaches seven to ten meters high.The leaves have a characteristic appearance, because of which it is easy to recognize - they are elongated, silvery scales characteristic covered (they cover and fruits, and young shoots).A native plant of Asia, but in the last hundred years it has become popular in Russia and Ukraine.It can be found everywhere in plantings, shelterbelts, gardens and parks.Bush is widely used for landscaping, they cased the highway and railways.Blossoms oleaster in June.Yellow fruit with a reddish tinge, with an elliptical shape, edible.They contain tannins and organic acids.It is because of them so useful tree sucker.The fruit can be eaten not only as a t

reat, they are valuable as a folk remedy for intestinal disorders (including boiled pudding and porridge).In an industrial scale are produced alcohol.In Central Asia, the Caucasus and astringent properties fruit Lohan used was prepared from a vehicle "Pshatin", drying and grinding them into flour.Wood bush used for furniture as a material for turning and joinery.Also isolated trunks gum, it is used for the manufacture of paints in the textile industry.Loch angustifolia has nodules on the roots, which form nitrogen compounds fertilize the soil.This plant is also useful as a source of essential oil (it is extracted from flowers) and as a honey plant.Flowers Lohan used in folk medicine for swelling, heart disease, colitis as anthelmintic.The leaves are used for wound healing, removal of rheumatic pains, gout.

Shrub Loch silver

This is a low tree with pointed leaves and dark stems.Blooming it lasts longer than that of the next of kin, Elaeagnus angustifolia - from May to July.Originally this type in North America.In vivo it grows in marshy areas and riverbanks.The fruits of its use in the same way as in the preceding species.They ripen in August or September, slightly sweet taste.It grows sucker silver slowly begins to bear fruit often only ten years after planting.It is an excellent honey plant, as well as almost all kinds of kinds of suckers.This flowering shrub undemanding, grows without any problems in partial shade, the soil fertility is not for him virtually irrelevant, as its moisture.It is easy to tolerate harsh winters and decorative trim.Loch silver multiplies the root shoots, or by dividing the bush.He is good in mixed plantings, looks great next to the krasnolistnyh plants and conifers.