How do crafts for the garden from waste material?

Every time using their craft ejected material, we are helping to clear the planet.Make them simple, and they turn out very beautiful.Explicit leaders are tires with plastic bottles.If we look around, you will find a huge number of applications for these unnecessary, it would seem, things.

easiest to use crafts from waste material to testify.There it can find the widest application.Flower beds, arranged from discarded tires, children's toys from the same material, different track from the traffic jams, or the bottles - a lot that you can make, you just have to attach the hand.Wheels for cars that have already served their term, take on here a second festive life.

And what crafts from waste material produced for children, if you combine the two materials.For example, to the playground there was the sun, it is necessary to dig the bus by one-third.Top fasten the plastic covers, so that then spin the bottle upside down.Lid can be bonded to the rubber.For the second method require a drill, to make a sma

ll hole.The screw passes through the plastic and rubber, and is fixed inside the washer.This simple procedure must be done with all caps.When the bottles are installed, proceed to the painting.Suitable yellow or orange color.Is not the rising sun?And beautiful, and comfortable to climb.

to create the original site can also be used to give crafts from waste material.There miraculously fit plastic bottles.It is very easy to handle the material, which can be a lot of it to do.For example, to plant trees along the fence, the height of them controlled by the amount of collected bottles.On the branch put a parrot or a rooster, and below can walk peacock.

All these crafts to testify from waste material seem so complicated.But to start implementing some ideas, you know how much you can still do it.What beautiful swans are obtained, and it does not matter that they are just out of the tires!A plastic porosyatki can serve as an excellent beds.Can one corner of the garden to dedicate the zoo, located in it the beasts and the other used to arrange a wonderful pond.

Crafts for garden from waste material obtained from bottle caps.In addition to the tracks laid out, they decorate the table in the street or a chair in the garden.And if you have the ability to art, it can be positioned on the walls of the barn art gallery.Originally will look hanging curtains on the door.They are made of plastic or metal lids and bottoms can be used, cutting them off from the bottles.To fix the suit fishing line or thick thread.Glass also found his place in the decor.From bottles make excellent border for flower garden or walkway.If there are remnants of logs, planks, tiles or bricks, all this can be put to use.

virtually any material obtained excellent crafts for questioning.From waste material they are made, or from some other - it does not matter, everything goes on decoration.Even the stones that were in your garden.They make great coasters and rockeries.What may look great old rotten stump out of it if you do rutary - to bring the land and planted it with flowers!Any fantasy that comes to mind, can be used in the country, while the costs are virtually zero.