Mineral wool - a reliable protection of your home

Modern life is full of different sounds.This is the noise of passing cars on the street, and the work of household appliances, and various activities of neighbors, whether they talk or the next repair.All these manifestations are collectively referred to domestic noise, which is distributed in the audio range from 16 Hz to 000 Hz 20.Noise pollution is divided into two groups:

1. The structural noise.

2. Air noise.

Their main difference lies in the vibration propagation medium.In the first case it is solid, and in the second - the air.

Because these acoustic effects are not only unpleasant to read, but also hazardous to human health, it is necessary to take care of that in living rooms and other places of human habitation was provided with sufficient zvukoizoliyatsiya room.

One of the most common means of protection against noise pollution is air.Its features and benefits include the widespread distribution and high penetrating power.Thus, the different design elements and building materials, wh

ich contain the closed region filled with air, are conventionally soundproofing screen, which has a sufficiently good barrier properties.The presence of air gaps in the closed chamber doors and windows allow to reliably protect your home from the negative effects of noise pollution street life.

In turn, the sound-absorbing material provides the ability to isolate areas with an increased level of noise from adjacent areas.Examples of these objects include movie theaters, shopping and shopping centers, various sports buildings and facilities as well as office space.When the correct location and the correct installation of protective structures can achieve significant reductions in power reflected vibrations and waves that will reduce the impact or completely remove unwanted noise.

sound-absorbing material must have the required characteristics and meet the stringent requirements.All of this is determined by the quality indicators, such as the size of the sound absorption, the range of which is located between 0 and 1. As the construction practice, have the best sound absorption materials that can leak air, with open pores extended.These include glass and mineral wool, felted various fillers etc.

In addition, each sound-absorbing material must meet high standards of environmental and fire safety.This is due to the fact that often these substances to be used for interior decorating.Consequently, they must be fully possess such qualities as ease of operation, durability, moisture resistance and aesthetics.

Thus, sound-absorbing material should be fully used even at lower levels of construction, isolating areas of high noise levels, as well as providing sound insulation of premises from external influences.