Building a frame-panel house with his own hands

Build a frame-panel house with his own hands - the case at first glance does not require special training and skill.But first you need to study the technology, as well as choose a foundation that is suitable for the soil available on the territory of the proposed construction.Shield house, with his hands being built at the site, will require the purchase of a specialized builder of construction material.Costs for the purchase of material will be pleasantly surprised builder cheap compared with other types of construction materials and construction methods typical for Russia.

begin to lay the frame-panel house with his own hands to be built on the territory of your site fence.However, since it opened for any form of development.The fence is necessary at least in order to protect a building material from potential thieves, which can become your friendly neighbors.For its production suit different materials - from the cheapest, such as trimming the board to fairly expensive, for example, bricks.

Under this kind of construction you can pick up any number of types of foundations, all of which are compatible with your project.

house skeleton-shield, with their hands erected at the site, a team of construction of a wooden frame which is sheathed on both sides with slabs of wood fiber or edging board.Inside between two panels fit insulation and vapor barrier.Insulation, typically serve as mineral wool, fiberglass or foam board.In modern building boards for frame houses produced at the plant, and they come to the buyer already configured and ready to install.This technology minimizes the time of construction.

Next, describe in detail the rules and principles of the connection bar.

Take the most common way, that is, half Scrollsaw bar with its ends to the width of the sample equal to the thickness of the timber.To ensure adequate rigidity in the middle of the compound hammered a wooden dowel (Nagel) in a pre-drilled hole.Nagel has to enter the tightly designed his groove.Compounds of this type are used to cut the angles and, in order to frame-panel house, built with his own hands, he turned out to be strong and durable.

Bookmark basis for the framework is as follows.The base fits the two boards.In the upper tool bar cuts are made to a depth in its half and the width - the size of which has a timber itself.The frequency of cuts is determined by the number of alleged racks.

themselves stand napilivayutsya strictly in size and installed in the ready slots.Once they are installed in the same way fasten the upper beam.The dimensions of the upper and lower skeletons must be strictly identical.When mounting racks should be installed temporary jib that after mounting the upper frame should be removed.Racks should be set vertically using a spirit level.Longitudinal jumper must be installed without tension, and only the nails of at least 120 millimeters.As you can see, frame-panel house with their own hands to build not be easy, of course, with proper preparation and correct planning.