The front door to a private house: types of doors

front door in a private home - a very important part of any home.This indispensable design performs several useful functions, ranging from the conservation of heat in the room and ending with the control of access to it.And, of course, can not forget the design, since the front door in a private home - it is an integral part of the facade of the home.It can be compared with a business card that leaves a first impression of the host household.That is why you need to carefully choose the door for a country house, and for city estate.

Today, the people who are building their own home, there is a choice between several options: metal (steel), wood, plastic doors in a private home.In each of them can find their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when purchasing (selection) door.

example, steel reinforced doors are very reliable and durable.This is probably the best option in order to make homeownership most protected and safe.In addition to these qualities, metal doors are resist

ant to environmental influences.Factors such as rain, wind, hail and the sun's rays have a minimal impact on the quality of steel doors.

Among the main advantages of wooden entrance doors it is worth noting their aesthetic appeal.In addition, through the use of modern technology to the majority of the shortcomings of doors made of wood managed to get rid of.Wooden door in a private home can become a worthy ornament of the home, especially if the home homeownership question harmony of the environment plays a major role.In the market of building materials selection entrance doors made of wood is quite rich and varied.

Plastic doors in a private home can have a variety of shapes and dimensions.The parameters depend on the design of the doorway and accounted for individually.An important role in terms of reliability and durability of plastic doors use playing quality fittings.At the same time the doors of PVC have a mass of design features that make their life can be substantially increased.For example, often in the lower part of the manufacture of the plastic frame using an aluminum profile, which makes the door more robust.The main advantages of plastic entrance doors are: resilience, perfect appearance, durability and opportunities in the individual designing.

addition to the production of entrance doors from a particular material, many manufacturers make combined variants.For example, steel doors, covered with tree - this option is quite popular among consumers.Such an entrance door to a private house can have an elegant look and at the same time contain "steel rod".More for processing metal doors often use leather, laminate, MDF, PVC.

Speaking of more of the original versions of entrance doors, not to mention glass doors.They are made of bulletproof glass opaque.The cost of these doors is quite high.But masonite doors will cost much cheaper.The material from which they are made (masonite) resembles wood, but has a number of advantages over it, for example, high density and degree of sound insulation.He easily colored and exfoliates, resistant to environmental influences.