Casino games: blackjack rules

Blackjack - this is probably one of the most popular card games in the world.Its roots go back to France XIX century, when almost all gambling establishments in Paris played «vingt-et-un», which is translated from French as "twenty-one".Terms of blackjack as well-known in Russia.But in our country the game is also known as "twenty-one" or "points."Sure, it plays it more than one generation: and your grandparents and your parents, and you.

popular blackjack is not inferior to all the well-known poker.The thing unassuming game.Blackjack rules are quite simple and very quick and easy to digest.At the same time, this game is very exciting and dynamic.Therefore, it "cut" not only in all land-based casinos, but also online.

rules of blackjack

The purpose of this game - to win.And to be a winner, you need to score as many points.As a result, you should get the highest score of all the players, but not more than 21. If passed this milestone - automatically taken off.

Before the game, players make th

eir bets.Then the turn of the dealer.He must give all playing two cards.Himself dealer - open cards: one or two.Once the cards are in the hands of the players, they take turns making decisions.

blackjack rules allow players to take the following decisions:

  • if you hold two identical cards, they can be divided;
  • if you score enough points, you can stay;
  • can take another card, but in this case you lose your bet.If one of the players takes the card, added another new member, and the limit of points is increased by 1 (t. E. = 22);
  • can take the card, do not lose your bet (you bet you need to double);
  • you can take the card, but in this case you lose half your bet.

rules of blackjack: the ratio maps and points

  1. small cards 2 to 10 are, respectively, from 2 to 10 points.
  2. King, Queen and Jack are estimated at 10 points each.
  3. ace complicated.If the sum of your cards in the hands of up to 21 points - Ace will add as much as 11 points if the sum is greater than 21, then the ace - 1 point.
  4. suits of cards in blackjack have no significance.

blackjack rules provide some nuances possible in the game:

  1. combination "Blackjack» .After the cards have been dealt, the player at the hands of one of the following combinations: an ace and a 10, an ace and a jack, ace-queen or ace-king.Lucky immediately gaining the right amount of points - 21. He gets the win - its rate increased by half.The remaining players are entitled to take an additional card or not to do it and stay at his score.
  2. combination of "Push» .This is the situation at the end of the game when the opponents is the same number of points.As a result, each of the players will remain with their rates.
  3. blackjack dealer .In this situation, all the losers who have not turned 21 points.It is necessary to specify in advance: win or divided equally between the winners, or all remain with their rates.
  4. combination of "777» : If a player scores 21 with three sevens.Typically, such a combination of laid bonus.

Remember that blackjack - a game that does not forgive mistakes and requires thinking through strategies.But it just never goes out of fashion!