Proper fertilizing peppers in a greenhouse

care of plants, in addition to watering and loosening, is a regular feeding.Feeding pepper in a greenhouse - it's not as troublesome as very responsible, requiring care and compliance with certain rules.

Vegetables growing in a greenhouse, need more fertilizing than growing in the open field.Peppers are needed for normal development of mineral and organic fertilizing.Mineral feeding pepper in greenhouse responsible for the growth of the plant, whereas the organic - for the formation of the fruit and the yield as a whole.Pepper can be fed through various fertilizers.

So, to create a beautiful plant and get a good harvest requires fertilizing peppers in the greenhouse.The plant is in need of the following minerals:

  • calcium - it is needed throughout the entire period of growth and fruiting plants;
  • phosphorus - it is important for the formation of the fruit, they are fed pepper after germination;
  • nitrogen - it enhances the process of growth and maturation, not only fruit, but the plant itself;
  • potassium - he is involved in the process of fruit set and the right formation.

Lack of minerals - than it threatens peppers?

Sometimes, even if the pepper dressing is made by all the rules, the plant may get sick.This may be due to the lack of any mineral or, on the contrary, with its excess.

For example, the lack of calcium causes the fruit to rot.Due to the overabundance of calcium leaves turn yellow and fall off, poorly developed terminal buds slowly by fruit.

If the leaves are covered with brown spots, turn yellow and fall off rapidly, it may indicate a lack of magnesium.Directly affects the biological ripeness of the fruit of an element such as potassium.With his lack of dry leaves, slowing the growth of stems, fruits grow unsweetened or not ripen at all.

not made in time for top dressing of plants could lead to a shortage of phosphorus.As a result, the leaves change color from bluish-green to reddish-brown.Slowly formed ovaries, bad fruits ripen, the leaves fall off.

plant quickly gaining height, but does not bloom?This may be a sign of an overabundance of nitrogen fertilizer in the soil.

To feed peppers are also used organic fertilizers.The infusion of mullein is prepared in two steps.First take two parts of mullein, and dissolve one part water, put the mixture in a warm place (you can in a greenhouse) for a couple of days.Before use, dilute one part mullein to defend with nine parts of water.For adult plant enough one liter of such a fertilizer.If instead you took mullein bird droppings, it should be twice as less.

Feeding seedlings of pepper and tomato done twice.First time - will form as soon as the first leaves, the second - a week before transplanting to a new location.Feed plants in this period only mineral fertilizers.

Two weeks later, when the pepper has become accustomed to the new place, he was again poured mineral fertilizers.Two weeks later, during flowering, feed organic compounds.

during fruiting dressing peppers in a greenhouse is made both mineral and organic fertilizers.