Japanese spirea: varieties and species

Garden designers often use for their own purposes ornamental shrubs such as spirea.They are great for hedges and for the zoning of the garden.Spiro belong to the family Rosaceae, and has at least 90 species.And the queen of these plants is considered Spiraea japonica varieties that will adorn any garden.

Wild Japanese spirea varieties and photo

In the wild it can be found in the mountainous regions of Japan and China.To grow in the wild, this shrub reaches a height of 1.5 meters.He shoots a lot of fine vaulting.A spiraea leaves are elliptical or ovoid shape and the sharp end.During blooming, they acquire a reddish-brown hue.Then they turn green, and again in the fall painted in golden and reddish in color.And it leaves the property spirea poured colorful flowers used breeders.They managed to bring varieties that are stable brightly colored leaves throughout the summer season.More Spiraea japonica - record for the duration of flowering, it blooms from late June until early autumn.And its flowers

are reddish-pink color and are collected in corymbose inflorescence diameter of 3 to 30 cm, depending on the variety.

Japanese spirea, cultivar Golden Princess

These shrubs are found in a variety of environmental conditions.This circumstance contributed to the fact that nature itself, without the intervention of breeders, it has created a lot of varieties.Then specialists only complement this range.And one of the known varieties of the Japanese spiraea is the Golden Princess.This shrub reaches a height of 50 centimeters and a meter wide.It looks like a dense mound of bright yellow, and its flowers are light pink.They are collected in corymbose inflorescences small (3-6 centimeters) in diameter.Leaves at blooming Golden Princess has a reddish color, then they turn yellow, and throughout the season retain golden color.

Japanese spirea, sort of Little Princesses

Another "princess" of a kind of Japanese spiraea grows in a compact half-meter bush with a diameter up to 1.2 meters.Her small dark green leaves and pink-red flowers growing in corymbose inflorescences.This variety blooms in late summer and continues to bloom about 45-50 days.Designers often used for compositions with conifers and mixed groups is this spirea.Grade Fortune is one of the highest.It grows up to 1.7 meters.They pryamoroslye with strong shoots, buds and leaves of the Fortune too large.And this spirea blooms from June to August.

Spirea Billard

Well, Spiraea Billard is a hybrid of purple loosestrife and Douglas.This is quite winter hardy species that is found in the cultural form of the Central Asia and Caucasus in the south to the north of Arkhangelsk.This shrub with spreading branches, reaching two meters.Leaves him broadly, desyatisantimetrovyh length.A Spiraea Billard flowers have a bright pink color.They gathered in dense, pyramidal, narrow paniculate inflorescences up to 20 centimeters long.This spirea blooms in late summer and bloom until frost.