Question from gardeners: "Why is green land in the greenhouse?"

Whatever the changing economic situation in the country, and the fashion for their own gardens and orchards remains unchanged.Still, millions of people from spring to late autumn worry about how to grow a good crop.A big contribution to this made by the greenhouse.They make it possible to provide for his family early fresh herbs, allow to grow in the northern regions of tomatoes, cucumbers and other heat-loving plants.
However, these "helpers" require proper handling, they may have problems.Many gardeners and gardeners are faced with the phenomenon of change in the composition of the soil.Then the question arises, why is green land in the greenhouse.What can it contribute?

Earth in the greenhouse greens for several reasons.There are four: waterlogging, increased acidity, an overabundance of fertilizers and inadequate ventilation.This leads to the appearance of algae or moss, these plants and the soil give the green.Consider these factors in detail and how to resolve them.

The first reason why is gr

een land in a greenhouse - it is a lot of moisture.This happens in early spring and cool weather.Vacationers forget that greenhouse - enclosed space, evaporation is slower when the temperature
Ā«Overboard" is not very high.To cope with this disaster is simple.You can apply mulch and watered often is no longer want.For this purpose, the traditional mulch in the form of hay, straw and sawdust.And you can take a non-woven, covering materials, they are even more profitable for them is less than the weeds grow.

second reason why a greenhouse is green land - is to increase the acidity of the soil.To find out the level of this index, it is necessary to conduct a little experiment.Take the plastic bottle of 0.5 liter.There poured a little hot water, poured a few spoonfuls of the earth.Top Medical Wear rubber fingertip.Shake the bottle well.If fingertip inflated - the soil is acidic, is not fully straightened - weak acid, was left hanging - pH is normal.In the case of increased acidity in the soil need to make quick lime or chalk.But the ash should not be taken for this purpose, as it will need a lot, and this can lead to other problems.

third reason why the land is green in the greenhouse - the presence of a large number of fertilizers.This is the case when the "wanted the best, but it turned out as always."Council here is one: carefully observe agricultural techniques.Well, if it has already happened, it is necessary to plant such crops that require a lot of fertilizer.For example eggplant.

fourth reason why the land is green in the greenhouse - the lack of ventilation.Here we must remember that your dacha construction shall have a door, a window (in front, on the sides, and will not prevent it on the roof).This distribution will allow to regulate the flow of air, will also provide easy access to insects, but they are necessary for successful pollination.

Another general council.In the greenhouse, as elsewhere, it is necessary to comply with crop rotation, this will help avoid many problems and will help increase the harvest.