Flower pansies - violet

Flower pansies, which is scientifically called violet, is a large family of multi-colored and violet.It is often referred to as Viola.This beautiful plant is known since the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, in the myths which have a history of its origin.In the Middle Ages pansy flower was a symbol of Christianity.In addition, it was called the violet of the Holy Trinity, identifying its three petals with three faces of the saints, and the spot in the middle - with the all-seeing eye of God.Lovers plant as a symbol of fidelity.Where did the Russian name - is not known, but one can guess by looking at the larger picture of flowers.Pansies do look a bit like an eye, but it concerns mainly large and improved varieties.There is a tradition that is gentle thanks to the name of Viola received the sad stories of some of the young girl, without waiting for the return of a loved one.

in their biological characteristics of the flower is the pansy perennials, however, as a rule, it is grown as a biennial.In t

he first year the plant forms only part of the leaf and bloom only for a second.Its height is up to twenty centimeters.On erect stems tetrahedral arranged round or oval leaves with serrated edges.
Flowers pansies have placed on long stalks, they are quite large and reach a diameter of 12 cm. Especially striking is their beautiful coloring.

Many backyards can see pansies.Flowers, growing of which does not require much effort, it is very fond of gardeners.The plant prefers loose and fertile soil, great feeling on the shaded areas.The optimum temperature for its growth are considered to be outside of the 4 to 16-degrees.The main demands made flower pansies are constantly loosening and removing land from her weeds.Fertilizing is best done once in three weeks, the water-soluble fertilizer.

varieties of this plant are many: it is one color and two-color groups with and without eye patches, tricolor and variegated, in which there are five tochechek with corrugated petals orhidotsvetnye having asymmetric addition and so on.

Propagated flower pansy seedling method.To seed a good shoot, they are planted in mid-July.They are obtained from plant triangular boxes, which, after maturation burst.Collect them after they climb up on a spike.

shoots out within fifteen days after the landing.The seedlings can not tolerate direct sun, so they definitely need shade.

pansy flower contains in its composition of essential oils, as well as unique minerals.Healers who are familiar with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is widely used in the treatment of diseases that are associated with the secretion of the bronchi.The infusion of violets that facilitates removal of sputum, being an excellent expectorant and diuretic.In addition, the pansy flower is rich in such active component as violakvertsetin, known for its anti-inflammatory action.Drugs that are based on this plant, decrease vascular permeability.