How to make a bowl of flowers for the holiday

Sometimes there is an urgent need in the decor of the room.Whether it is a personal wish cozy parlor, a ceremony to be spent on the highest level, amazing ball of flowers is always appropriate.This simple yet elegant solution.

How to make a ball of flowers, the secret of the art performance of this product?Of course, you can use fresh flowers - this will make the holiday special beauty and freshness.Mainly for this selected cloves - steady, solemn colors.How to make a ball of flowers, carnations so that they do not withered in three days?Use floral sponge, completely soaked with water.It insert flowers, stems can be cut.Decorating can be a ball with beads, ribbons, sequins.It can be hung on a nice rope or set on a stand, pre-leave blank space for this.

Decor This can be done not only of flowers.But the textile, paper, plastic.How to make a ball of bright colors of the paper?Firstly, instead of floral foam ball you must take.Secondly, for flowers made of paper is best to use corrugated - it takes

the form of better and looks much more interesting than conventional offset plates.Do not forget to buy a needle and satin ribbons with beautiful hats.

Gently Wrap the ball in satin ribbon, after brushing it with glue.Make paper flowers in their favorite techniques and trailers, one at a time on the ball.Hooking possible as needles and adhesive.

very popular decoration items of different activities have always been and will be balloons.Several years ago, decorators began to actively use them for the production of flowers.Flowers from balloons get very interesting, pleasing to the eye as a child and adult, recalling the last happy days of his life.

Run this decorated object is absolutely not difficult, and may require only two balls for a single flower.Determine the number of products and buy the right amount of balls.Inflate two long balls: a green stem, bright, favorite color of your choice - inflorescence.In the bright ball leave the tip of 3 cm and tie the beginning to the end.Divided into three equal parts, roll the ball in these places, and safely in an accordion fold it.Taking the resulting composition is in the fold, roll the petals again.

Proceed to stalk.You must tighten the green ball about ten centimeters from the beginning to bend in half.Tie the end to the fold and insert the stem into petals.Bend the stem in half again and scroll around the perpendicular.With such simple manipulations you get a flower from balloons with bright bud stalk and leaves.This beautiful and elegant looks.

Here we are and determine how to make a ball of flowers.In this event, you can make maximum use of their imagination and design skills.It limits you to only your vision of beauty, and it can be infinitely large.