How to sew a tunic, tunic pattern for complete

often fashion is so democratic that even the shows of haute couture can be seen free cut simple style that is easy to fit as a model clothes for larger women.Very often, the most fashionable dresses are prototype known for a long time tunics.This dress was widespread in ancient Greece and Rome.Plans for full tunics and lean women of that time was a kind of bag with slits for the arms and head.Tunics were worn by men and women, for women differed only patterns and ornaments.

Tunic - practical and comfortable clothing

To this day survived only female tunics, and it is really very practical and convenient form of clothing.A similar thing can be worn as a robe and wearing an elegant belt, turn it into an interesting dress, you can wear it with leggings and jeans or as a beach dress.The basic pattern for the full tunics and slim girls differ only in width, but depending on the imagination of the needlewoman this thing could easily become the highlight of your wardrobe.This simple garment becomes baggy si

lhouette thanks to a belt that can be tied on the waist and under the bust.A basic pattern can be flared to do with short sleeves or no, and, of course, change the length, making it a short blouse or elegant dress.

How is the basis of

Pattern tunics for full ladies, as well as for the slender, constructed very easily.This requires measurement of the chest, thighs and arms.To measure the coverage of breast and thighs and a greater value is added to 10 cm for seams and free fit.Further obmeryaem upper arm, the sleeve must be free: in the reference figures are sketchy hand will be sufficient width of 25 cm, but if the hands full width must be increased and the volume of hands add approximately 10 cm.

construct patternTunics for obese women directly on the fabric, which is folded in half, and it bears the mark:

  • first mark - web width or half the first measurements with the addition.If the hip gain 100 cm + 10 cm, 55 cm obtained value, this segment must be placed in the middle of the fold blade.
  • second mark - the length of the product were measured desired length to us, we add a couple of centimeters at the bottom of the processing of products and note the value on the fabric.
  • third mark - the height of the armhole.See note 25, or get a value from a fold of tissue below the point of the width of the fabric.
  • fourth mark - the width of the neck, which can be round, V-shaped, square, or in the form of boats.

final stage of construction of the pattern - drawing the line of the sleeve.Register it smoother cut extending from the line width of the web through the point and the height of the armhole to the edge of the fabric.At this stage can be flared sleeves and bottom tunic or completely remove the sleeve, so will a simple sundress pattern for the full, which can then be bomber elastic under the bust and at the bottom to add a few frills.

construction of such a pattern is so simple that it can not cope with the fact that the beginner, but also a person who never took up sewing.And adding to the finished product interesting decor, you will receive a stylish and elegant thing.