Voodoo doll with his own hands.

Wood - an ancient African religion, which still remains traditional in the most backward countries in Africa.In the modern world of voodoo doll I came from there.Followers of the religion believe that the voodoo doll - it is a bridge to a person, it provides the owner full power over them.It gives a certain energy of the person, the owner of this thing can affect the human being away from him.It was used for good as well as harm to man, the symbol of which she was.

As a rule, the doll was used with negative intentions.Sorcerers and wizards poked her with needles in different places, it was thought that a man who symbolized this thing, it will hurt the body, which was broken needle.Eventually, the sufferer died.

are made voodoo doll with his own hands.For centuries the wisest sorcerers and magicians only the collected material and sewn or molded it from the wax.Voodoo magic is considered one of the strongest.And African sorcerers and shamans - the most insidious.It was believed that they directly co

mmunicate with otherworldly powers and are able to convince them of the need to do what is necessary to shaman.

Making dolls with their own hands - it is simple, but not very simple.Usually I spend more time collecting materials compared to the very creation.In order to power a specific person, a small prototype of which is a doll, has moved to the very thing needed material such as nails, hair, blood, saliva, skin, and other possible elements, which are sometimes not so easy to get.

voodoo doll, made with your own hands, you may have not quite beautiful, and often even quite ugly, but it is not important, because the main thing - what kind of information overload, it will bear.And now about the process of making.

As a rule, there is no general instructions for creating, as a voodoo doll with his own hands to do many generations in many countries, in many magicians have one or the other material at hand.I'll tell you how it is made of fabric.

Let's start with the collection of material, and we need, as mentioned above, hair, skin, blood, saliva, tears, certain elements of any such person.Also for filling dolls you will need to moss (it is easier to find) or dried herbs.

cut two from the fabric flap width of about 15 to 15cm.It will be the right and left halves of the doll.Sew them, leaving a hole in order to be able to fill the space inside with moss, grass and remaining material.In the same way we do the hands and feet, only the size of patches should be much less.In total there will be 4 - 2 arms and 2 legs.We do our doll's head, tying the upper part of the trunk stuffed with material twine.In the same way we do and waist (optional).Hands and feet stuffing and sew the material to the body.

should be noted that is the victim.Saliva - head nails - the hands and feet and so on.

You can also make the doll hair from threads and collect their bundles on their heads.The eyes are made of charcoal, which are taken at the junction of the small buttons or simply sewn, as well as the nose and mouth.

voodoo doll with his own hands is easy, just worth recalling that should not be using it to do bad person after all, has long been known, all the evil returns.Try your best to make a voodoo doll of himself, let it be your mascot.