Wood panels: the variety and scope

wood panels - one of the most common materials for the walls.Office, hotel, cafe ... And in dwellings, wooden panels as wall coverings will look elegant and refined.

This method was originally a typical finish for Albion, why, and was named "English style".Obviously, it emerged in the sixteenth century, when England made the first steps on the path to the status of mistress of the seas.Wardroom on British schooners and frigates then fobbed off in this way, a little later nostalgic for violent youth retired pirates or just this fashion sailors moved ashore.So gradually formed the so-called English style.

Decorating the walls with wood paneling has its advantages.Firstly, when installed does not require leveling of the wall.Unlike, say, from the wallpaper, which is produced by labor intensive (and rather expensive) process of plastering and putty.Second, the tree - a natural material, so the wall will "breathe", that is, to absorb excess moisture from the air, and then give it back.Third, wood paneli

ng provide a high level of sound insulation.Wood - material is sufficiently plastic, so the sound waves it quickly extinguished.Fourth, the tree itself retains heat well, so the wood panels will provide additional insulation.Fifthly, durability.When decorating the walls with wood paneling is not necessary to change the cover every few years, as wallpapers.They will serve for a long time, needing only minor cosmetic maintenance.

panels come in several forms: Continuous the re-panels, sandwich panels with a top layer of fine wood and decorative panels from softwood.For the walls still used patterned rack panels.The latter method is more time-consuming, but avoids joints encountered when using standard size panels.

wooden panels - a great way to give a home atmosphere of an old family mansion.For this there is a specially developed technology aging of wood.Most advantageous to look trim panels not only the walls, but the ceiling.Although for many, perhaps, the aging of the tree - an unnecessary luxury.Brand new panel also looked very good.

this material can finish premises with high humidity: the bathroom or kitchen.Only the wooden panel for these special needs rooms.Their surface is covered with a special construction cosmetic wax that will protect wood from the damaging effects of moisture in the air.

are made as a panel of fine wood (oak, ebony, rosewood, walnut, wenge), and from local, accessible for all (pine, spruce, maple or ash).But whatever the material of manufacture of panels, wood in the interior of the house - it is certainly, environmental safety, beauty, and just a good mood.