Reading the hands of an opponent when playing poker.

One of the big differences between a professional player of the freshman, is the ability to analyze or read the hands of an opponent.Think about how you started to play better if the opponent were always open maps?Suffice it a silly question, but it helps to understand the importance of this part of the game of poker.The better you master this technique, the more money you can earn.Consider the process of analyzing the opponent's cards and the factors affecting the correct definition.

When you analyze an opponent's hand, you must take into account all the possible combinations, despite the chance of loss.The objective is to calculate the most likely combination, but do not forget that you can be wrong, and the combination of an opponent can be changed with the addition of new cards on the table.For example, you have pocket QQ, one of the tight players betting heavily pre-flop, he probably AA or KK and logical to lose your ladies.But he may have AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, and even 10-10, what would you do is chec

k a re-raise.This is followed by an analysis of his hand, calculate the most likely combination since its answer to your re-raise.If the opponent threw the cards so he was bluffing when he made the call or raise, you need to continue to analyze the following factors to remember.
Factors affecting the true definition of the opponent's cards.
1- Qualification level of play an opponent.
2- The style and nature of the game.
3- emotional state opponent.
4- Awareness of your opponent's style of play.
5- gestures that makes opponents at the table.
6- The mathematical calculation of odds.

is worth remembering that in the game of online poker analyze the opponent's hand at times difficult, because all the physical factors are eliminated immediately.You do not see who you played, what his emotional state and how it behaves.For mathematical calculations, online poker, there are many useful programs that will help you calculate the chances of obtaining, combinations of your opponent.
three most common errors in the analysis of the hands of the opponent.
1- To suggest that one particular combination opponent.
2- Do not have time to react to changes in possible combination with the addition of cards on the table.
3- think that your opponent is playing in the same style as you.

And also another important concept in poker is pot odds but it is in the next article ...........