Dendrobium: care.

in Russia orchid Dendrobium Phalaenopsis is second only in popularity.This large flowers that bloom stage.How to take care of dendrobium, what to do when an orchid bud?Let's deal.

Care Dendrobium


Dendrobium - one of the most resistant to light orchids, can stand in the sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.


Flower must be in uniform temperature.During the day it should be 20-30 ° C at night and 18-23 ° C, a sharp drop, or drafts affect its bloom.


Watering once a week is recommended, it is not necessary to fill in flower.Before you pour the check earth finger if you feel moisture, watering is delayed for several days.


When the orchid blooms, the fertilizer is not required.During the growth phase (summer) should add a balanced fertilizer, such as "Kemira Suite."Stop fertilizing should fall.If you do not have new orchid flowers in January, it is necessary to make phosphate fertilizers, to give impetus to the process of flowering.


During this period, you need to know what to do when an orchid bud, and how to help the growth of
leaves.For the year orchid could double under the right growing conditions.


Flowering usually begins in February and lasts from one to three months.Reuse is possible at a cool temperature of up to three times a year.Before you figure out how to take care when dendrobium orchid bloomed, what to do in the future, it is necessary to determine the life cycle of a flower.

Lifecycles dendrobium orchids:

- flowering stage (winter - spring);

- growth phase (summer, closer to the fall);

- resting phase (late autumn).

Phase flowering

During this period, the flowers appear from 5 to 20 pieces.Watering should be every week, but do not fertilize the leaves with a damp cloth.

growth phase

From June to September, the flowers begin to wither and fall off.What to do when an orchid bud?It is recommended to cut the stems, if it dried up, green - to leave.During this period begins active growth of the leaves.To support the rapid development of the plant and needed to make nitrogen fertilizer.

resting phase

leaves stop growing orchids.At this time it is necessary to reduce watering and put the pot with a flower in a dark cool place.


Orchid transplant after three years.And only after the orchid bloomed.

What to do and what materials are needed for this?

You will need: a substrate for orchids and flowering plants, scissors or shears, flower pot on 1-2 sizes larger than ever.Clay flower pots, allowing to create ventilation, are the best choice for orchids.Carefully remove the orchid from the pot.If a flower can not be, it is better to put it in a container of water for a while, that the earth was soaked with moisture.After removing the plant to get rid of the old substrate, wetting the roots of the flower in warm water.Then follows the cut dead or rotten roots of the flower.The pot pour drainage, then a bit of the substrate and place the orchid in the middle, its pre obsmotrev the presence of the kidney, of which subsequently can grow a new shoot.Cover Flower substrate is necessary so that they do not block the kidney.

After reading this article, you will not remain such frequently asked questions as "what to do when an orchid bud" and "how dendrobium transplanted."