Baccarat is a card game

Strictly speaking, Baccarat, is not only a card game, but the name popular in the 80s of the twentieth century female pop group, and the city in France, which produces the world famous crystal with the same name.But we will only talk about the many favorite card game baccarat.

Baccarat is played all over the world have a very, very long time.The game was popular in the 15th century at the court of the French king Charles VII.Over time, the popularity of baccarat is only growing, now in this game with a surprisingly simple rules literally play in any casino in the world.And the rules are as follows: a player can bet on the "Banker", "Player" or a tie between them - simply nowhere, but the game attracts more and more players in the land-based and online casinos around the world.So why Baccarat is so popular?I believe that there are several reasons:

1. In Baccarat still preserve the reputation of the game for the elite
baccarat today as 500 years ago, people like to play with the big money.In the

casino, the table for Baccarat is always possible to meet the expensively dressed, rich, and possibly famous.The game brings a tangible atmosphere of luxury.Baccarat - the game big bets in a casino in Vegas just makes her average of 1.25 billion dollars each year.For comparison - Blackjack brings a year in not more than 1 billion, despite the fact that blackjack table in Las Vegas 10 times more than Baccarat.

2. In Baccarat is played even James Bond James Bond
- known lover of play in the casino, especially in Chemin de Fer - French variation of baccarat.Bond does not change his love for Baccarat throughout his filmography, since 1965.Play Baccarat, played Bond Sean Connery, George Lezenbi and Pierce Brosnan.Given the popularity of the secret agent, it is not surprising that many of his fans are in the land-based casinos to play in his favorite pastime of his hero.

3. Asia loved Baccarat
One of the surprising recent trends has been the spread of the popularity of Baccarat in the countries of Asia, where is its reputation and no one heard in Asia Baccarat playing here already rare to find richand expensively dressed.Tourists and locals, flooding the tables, hardly suitable for this feature.Singapore and Macao for the Baccarat has its own set of rituals for good luck on the cards here are blowing, tightly compressed between the fingers, and, instead of what would look normal, slowly drop them under the "shirt."

4. Online Baccarat loved
Every day more and more people playing Baccarat not land and online casinos.For many, the crucial role played by the convenience of playing at home and save time and money on the way to the casino, not to mention all sorts of bonuses and promotions offered in virtual gambling halls.

5. High chances of winning
Although low casino advantage with high chances of winning do not make the game interesting, they give a real opportunity to get away from the casino with the money.If you bet on the "Banker" house edge of only 1.06%, and 1.24% if you bet on the "Player".We play to win, and many are beginning to play baccarat because of the fact that it provides for this a very real possibility.

So, in spite of, the simplicity of the rules - even more simple than Roulette, Baccarat attracts not ordinary players.The game comes as professionals, attracted by low casino advantage and beginners who do not need to learn complicated rules and intricacies of the game.Not as important as you are attracted to baccarat, it is important that in order to start playing for fun enough to sit down and take the cards in hand.Play Baccarat, good luck!