For they love Poker

Poker - one of the most popular card games in the world.It occupies a special place among all the card games thanks to a special combination of intellect and influence the outcome of the game case.Therefore, in many countries, poker is considered not only gambling, but also the sports discipline.The poker can not be won only by luck.To become a successful poker player, you need to not only know well the rules and nuances of the game - first of all, need to be proficient in a fine and to understand people.

the poker table is rarely openly seething emotions, it is a noble game requires self-discipline and restraint.There is even the term "poker face" - poker face poker player, on which it is impossible to guess the arm strength and the further course of his actions.Thanks to the artistic skills and ability to behave in hands, poker players have become widely use such a strategy as a bluff, rather, among other things successfully.You would probably also rejoiced in his heart, if not the most with a big

hand all forced to leave the game and break the bank.In poker, it happens quite often.

Five Card Poker, as we know it, is widespread in Europe and America in the mid-nineteenth century.Then, a few have changed the rules of poker, there the variety, the most popular of which today are: Texas Hold'em, Stud, Hi-Lo and Omaha.The most popular poker gained in the twentieth century, and especially in our time, thanks to the Internet.Now, regardless of whether there are in your city poker club, you can learn to play poker and at any time to find a seat at the poker table.Do not rush to play for money, better to gain experience and well understand the rules.Of course, without the risk of losing your money, no real excitement.But in order to start winning, you need to learn a lot.And no problem with that: In addition to print, you can find a lot of information sites dedicated to poker players and forums.

greatest interest is the well-known poker tournaments, especially the WSOP (World Series of Poker) - unofficial world championship of poker.World Series of Poker, consists of more than 50 tournaments with different fees and is held every year in Las Vegas.It completes a series of major tournament - Main Event with a buy-in $ 10 000.The winner of this game is the winner of the tournament and the "world champion", he gets a prize and a special distinction - a gold bracelet, testifying that he had become one of the leading players in the world.Events big poker tournaments highlights the TV and on the Internet.They collect huge broadcast audience, and the passions not inferior to inflame the NBA tournament.Since 2007, Europe held the European World Series of Poker WSOPE.

noteworthy that playing poker successfully, not only men but also women, and some of them have achieved notable success.Norwegian Annette Obrestad girl at the 2007 tournament in the UK has won 1 million pounds, at the time she was only 19 years old.In 2008, she won the nomination "Opening of the Year" and "Best Player (Women)" at the ceremony "Scandinavian Poker" Awards.Ahead of poker pros women like Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman.

Poker is not only interesting, but also useful.Some colleges for training managers are introduced into training sessions of poker, the students learned to recognize people by their character gestures and postures and learn to influence the opponents.Moreover, as any card game, poker develops memory and learns to calculate the probability.All this makes poker so interesting and exciting.That's what we all love poker.