When you see the Playing Cards and Card Games

exact date of the creation of the first deck of playing cards is not established.Researchers agree that they appeared in East Asia, it was there learned to make paper before others.Paper cards with drawings used for the Games in ancient China as early as the 9th century, in the 12th century playing cards were already mentioned in one of the first Chinese dictionary.

But until the paper deck people played similar games using thin bone or wooden plank rectangular or round shape, as well as the shell to put on them drawings.The images on the cards depend on the country in which they were created, but most often portrayed historical figures or attributes divination rituals.In some games, we used divination tarot cards.Traditionally one of the parties in the deck of cards the same and is called the "face", the other party has a variety of images, icons or figures.

Gradually travelers and card games introduced in other countries in Europe cards appeared around the beginning of the Middle Ages.It is belie

ved that the cards came to Europe via India, Persia and Egypt.Since Islam bans images of people on the maps created in Islamic countries, representing only geometric patterns - arabesques.Despite the fact that Islam prohibits gambling, but for a game of cards are strictly punished, not only in the Arab countries but also in Russia, the people continued to play.We played in medieval Europe, despite the fact that the church did not approve of this.Only in the Renaissance and then in the 16-17 centuries, maps have become more legal.Distribution of maps contributed hobby aristocracy gambling and protracted war.Soldiers in between fights had nothing to do, and they whiled away the time of the games of cards and dice.

The Russian maps have become more common since the time of Peter the Great, who treated them more loyal than the previous kings, even though the cards do not get carried away.Then the cards were made on several manufactories of bad paper and to improve sliding rubbed talcum powder.These cards are called "satin" and were quite expensive.

Over time, the cards have become cheaper, more accessible.Rules of card games have changed and improved gradually formed the known variants: variants of poker, bridge, blackjack, baccarat and other games that are played at home and in the casino.Playing cards with them to take a long trip, backpacking or just play in the company's home parties, card tournaments attract thousands of participants.And the appearance of card games in the electronic version further contributed to the spread of card games.