Playing cards.

Playing deck of cards , it may be the subject of many studies, for example: card games, of which there are now a great many, Card Trick , thanks to a deck of cards magician surprised the audience guessing, they also participate Cardsand many other manipulations can be performed with a card deck.Maps give us an excuse to spend time together playing, or perhaps as a spectator, they bring together like-minded people.

Whence were playing cards, when and in which country?The exact answer to this question is not found.There is an assumption that the first playing cards appeared in ancient Egypt, allegedly under pressure from the enemy, and, feeling that the end is near, the people of Egypt captures all the knowledge in a deck of cards, but it's just a legend.There are suggestions that the first playing cards originated in ancient China, and it sounds plausible, because we all know that in ancient China, was invented many things.There are opinions that the first cards were invented in Europe.But I remind y

ou again, there is no reliable information about where the cards were first invented.

In Russia, playing cards appeared in the early 17th century and immediately began to enjoy great popularity.The most popular card games enjoyed soldiers and it is for this reason that card games were banned.During the reign of Peter the ban on playing cards had been canceled, and the map got its second birth.

We would like to mention the card tricks.There are a large number of card tricks and all of them are able to surprise the viewer.This art requires a lot of skill and dexterity, but when the card deck is in the hands of a professional, it seems that it's not sleight of hand and magic.Card tricks are able to attract the attention of not only children but also adults, who understand that any miracle did not happen, but when they see such tricks, their eyes begin to shine with joy.This is also the merit of playing cards.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in this age of the Internet and technologies ordinary deck of cards, which was invented a long time ago, it can distract people from the daily routine and to draw their attention to him.