Why do I get a no deposit bonus to play poker?

No deposit bonus - this is money that gratuitously transferred to the deposit (account) and are available for use by an individual for a specific purpose (as a rule, to start games or trade).

objectives of issuing bonuses
The main purpose of the issuance of no deposit bonuses is to attract new customers for the company, engaged in the organization of gambling, betting and trading on the Internet.As practice shows, this marketing ploy primary customer engagement is the most effective and most people start playing it on the bonus granted to them for the start of a player's career.People are psychologically difficult from the outset to put their money to gamble on the Internet.
At its core deposit bonuses - is one option bonus programs used in the arsenal of poker rooms to attract customers.Other bonus programs such as rakeback, first deposit bonus, free tournament tickets are also bonus programs, but they, unlike the no deposit bonuses are used primarily for retention rather than attract customers.

important thing is that unlike the casino poker room, betting exchanges and brokers earn commissions by which they take for a game or carrying out transactions.Therefore, it is advantageous to establish conditions under which people would be playing with each other as much as possible and learn to play longer stay afloat.To do this, players are training centers (schools).Poker, as a rule, it is a special online community, which is organized as a site where you can find a large number of tutorials, video tutorials, and to see how to play more experienced players, talk to them for free, and get answers to questionsStrategy games.Thus, the system of attracting customers poker rooms by using no deposit bonuses and poker schools looks like this: Advertising on Google1.A potential player learns at some online or offline advertising that you can get a no deposit bonus, free learn to play poker and earn this
2. After that, he goes to the site and get free money to play and starts playing
3.The player learning to play, learning strategy game in the poker school and is involved in the process.
4. The player plays more and improving their skills, increases the limits on which he plays, plays a more and pay more commissions and gradually "work out" the money that was given to him early in his career.Once he took a commission in the amount of no deposit bonus, it is already beginning to make money for the poker room.For example, if the player will play tournaments with a $ 1 commission per game $ 0.25, he to return on investment in a $ 50 starter will need to play a total of 200 such events.But even if he loses the money and stop playing, then they will go to someone else, and the poker room will still ultimately pay for these investments.
Types of no deposit bonuses:
1. To play poker on the Internet;
2. To play the online casino;
3. For trading in foreign exchange markets;
4. For bets on sporting events;
requirements for issuing no deposit bonuses
Usually, when receiving no deposit bonus you must meet the following requirements:
1. For every person can register the bonus only once;
2. Each can receive only one bonus;
3. A person should not be a citizen of the country for which the bonus is not available;
4. Lack of account in the place where he wants to get a no deposit bonus.
Typically, the site offers no deposit bonuses care about is that one man could not get the bonus more than once (to create a multi-account).Therefore, the process of getting no deposit bonuses is associated with identity verification.Identity verification can be carried out several sposabami.The most common of them - on the phone.Also, there are ways in which a person must send a copy to the site of the identity document.Despite the fact that the majority of cases such a procedure of verification of the person alienates people, it is worth noting that in the case of such a procedure of verification the user is guaranteed the confidentiality of transmitted data to them.Instructions verification procedure for some no deposit bonuses can be found on Youtube.
restrictions on withdrawal of funds from deposit
One of the most important conditions for the use of no deposit bonuses is a limit to withdraw funds from the account of the client.This is due to the fact that the purpose of the issuance of the bonus - is to attract customers to the game.For the client could not immediately withdraw the money to your online wallet or bank account, it puts a condition for the withdrawal of funds.For poker no deposit bonuses - is the number of hands played or tournaments.Thus, the client immediately put in the conditions under which it must play in order to withdraw money.

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