Silver ore mined in the game Wowhead

In an exciting new network online game World Of WarCraft, created by developers studio Blizzard, silver ore is mined using the game picks.The new version of the game gives you the opportunity to participate in it at the same time tens of thousands of users.Convenient and easy interface and colorful three-dimensional image, with more reality simulating space takes players in a wonderful fantasy world of Warcraft, full of rapid events, exciting adventures and unusual transformations.

Game Description wow

Create Game World Of WarCraft motifs inspired game series Warcraft.Here you can find the same characters and similar subjects.But now the players have the ability to self-settling world of the universe Warcraft, and can also take part in the battle with the evil monsters and enchanted monsters.

game is designed so that, despite the large number of players, they all have the opportunity to find each other and talk.You can help others in completing the quest.Perhaps the union for joint reflection a

ttacks monsters or attack the enemy, as well as conducting joint development ore.For deposits of minerals such as cobalt, indarilievaya, the Diamond, Mithril or silver ore, found in hard to reach places, and performance of this quest has its own nuances and complexities, especially when a friend needs help on the game.

Passage quest has different levels in order to achieve success in promoting and receiving important awards.They help improve the party's role-playing game by getting them some experience.Besides passing the quest, you can earn a variety of bonuses and rewards such as money, food, potions, magic items, weapons and armor.For example, WOW-silver ore mined in these areas impassable game world as Thousand Needles, Hillsbrad Foothills, Heath, Arathi Highlands, Ashenvale, Badlands, Stranglethorn, Duskwood, Wetlands, Stonetalon Mountains.Agree, but some names are worth!

Mining - Skill

sources of minerals are becoming available for development in the degree of their increasing rarity.The most affordable is the production of copper.Silver ore does not occur very often.Therefore, the implementation of this quest fraught with difficulties.Regions of the world where you have to sneak or break, are the most dangerous.But the effort and persistence pay off with a vengeance!

to do mining, is not required to produce anything.Ore mining occurs digging it with a pickaxe.Then the extracted minerals can be profitable to sell at auction.Having mastered Mining, is the most popular profession in the game world, you have the opportunity to go to the blacksmith, engineering and even jewelry business.Moreover, the passage of this quest will help you gain 60 stamina - health indicators of the game character.

Game skill levels

available for the development of every living silver Mithril becomes only if a player has reached level seventy-five, and true silver can be extracted, up to two hundred and thirtieth level.Ore production from the field should be carried out as long as mineral deposits run out.To search for minerals in the game provided the mini-map.Mineral veins should be obligatory in the quest location or within underground mines.But there is an unusual place, where it can be found iron, gold or silver ore.This trophy trunks monsters.

Right-clicking on the found source of minerals, can begin their prey.The mineral vein, you will discover not only metals, but also precious stones.The color that appears when you hover over the fossil found, reflect the skills or the ability to obtain "money" from its prey.