Top flight simulators: that popular - civil or fighting 'Flying'?

Every fan of computer games at least once in their lives tried himself in the role of a fighter pilot or a military Captain huge airliner.But inexperienced gamers determine what "Fly" is to start playing, and what is not worthy even be installed on the PC hard drive?Let's look at the best in the history of flight simulator game industry and help beginners "pilots" to choose the right path in the sky.

Conventionally, all video games, dedicated flight on a variety of techniques can be divided into civil and fighting.Aviasimulators civil aviation newcomers seem more boring and simple, but in reality it is not so.It is enough to run a big-name «Microsoft Flight Simulator», it will become abundantly clear that even manage a small civilian aircraft are not always easier than modern American fighter bomber domestic or the Second World War.

Actually, the above-mentioned project is the real king of the world "letalok" without firing.Compete with the brainchild of a great company of Bill Gates in this field

are able to develop more modest «X-Plane 10", but it largely loses the game «Flight Simulator», which was once praised even real professional pilots.But "X-Plain" boasts an unprecedented surprise effect (for example, directly into the sky with your airplane may refuse the engine or other equipment) that makes this game more unpredictable.Needless to mention the other "peaceful" flight simulator?Games in this sub-genre (except those already described above) does not enjoy widespread popularity and, consequently, to dwell on them does not make sense.It is better to go to the second part of this article, where we have to determine the best "Fly" on military issues.

most popular combat flight simulators for several years is "Il-2.Stormtrooper ".Better than the creators of the project, to implement flights to two hundred aircraft of the Great Patriotic War and to show how it was difficult for the pilots of the time, has not yet managed to anyone.Deserves special attention and the achievement of an unprecedented realism in control of the aircraft at the time, and thanks to a realistic schedule can be for a few minutes (or hours) Air travel back to the battlefields of the brutal war.

According to some popular gaming titles, in the past year has reached unprecedented popularity of a video game called «Ace Combat: Assault Horrizon».Despite modern technology and beautiful graphics, this game is unlikely to be able to compete with the "mud-2" in realism, but to ignore it is not worth it.Top flight simulator in which you want to take part in the hostilities, offering gamers more options than their "civilian" counterparts.For example, «Take on Helicopters» allows you to sit at the helm of the most modern helicopters.«Lock On» and «Flanker 2.5" will allow to participate in the unprecedented international conflicts, and dozens of games, which could also be in the category 'best flight simulator "will take gamers to the battlefields of wars of the past, and even the last century.Perhaps, today, you can sit down at the virtual helm of almost all equipment that has ever been raised in the air and leave at least some trace in the history of the world.

actually difficult to say with certainty which of the contemporary popular simulation - civil or fighting.But do not forget that the best flight simulator for each virtual pilots - are precisely those which will certainly want to come back again and again.And this game can be a serious hardcore simulator, and fun "air" arcade - it all depends on the preferences of the player.

Good you fly!