Concrete floors on the ground

main question that most people faced during the construction of a private house, a garage or a bath - how to make the floor of the first floor was dry and warm?Quite often, pouring concrete mix is ​​carried out.This is a method to get at modest cost is truly excellent results.It is important to understand that the unit on the ground floor dictates quite specific sequence of operations.

builders have resorted to tricks, putting a floor in several layers, alternating insulating and waterproofing materials.There is value and that which will be used for flooring material - natural or synthetic.This sandwich technology, which will be obtained as a result, will serve his master for many years, protecting it from the vagaries of weather.Ground floor to serve faithfully, you should follow the recommendations.Next we will talk about them.

In general, the concrete floors on the ground are arranged in the following sequence.To begin to prepare the ground.It will be situated on the ground floor.You can use san

d and gravel or sand base, which is to be compacted and leveled.Next, a layer of waterproofing material is laid.Here you can apply a customized solution, but on a limited budget, and it is appropriate to use an ordinary polypropylene film.It is important that the floors on the ground had not been laid on the earthy or clay base, as this may cause cracks (several years later).

After these manipulations can be filled with a first layer of the solution.It is important to monitor its thickness, which must be no more than 50-70 mm.To level the concrete mass is appropriate to use beacons.Use gidrouroven to control the position beacons.Between beacons must be observed distance of 1.5-2 meters.To screed is flat, use the rule.After the concrete surface has hardened, floors on the ground should be waterproofed using a special mixture.The following put extruded polystyrene foam, or solid.The material thickness should be approximately 30 millimeters.Now you can put a grid-netting, in which lattice spacing should be 50-50 mm.It is appropriate to use and reinforcement, the cross section of which is 10-15 millimeters., The base can be filled with a second layer of concrete.Its thickness should be at a level of 20-30 millimeters.

final chord is a concrete screed.Here you need beacons that should be fixed.On the ground floor can be laid on the new layer of concrete.The screed will dry out for two or three weeks.To the surface is covered with cracks, it should cover material repels water, and then left in a dry form.The surface to be treated after this water repellent primer.In addition to its primary function, the structure will not allow the room to scatter particles of cement.

Now you know how to arrange the floors on the ground.It remains only to begin to implement the plan.