The lattice for climbing plants on the plot

Vines growing in the garden, are perhaps the most interesting and attractive garden plants.It curly vines give the mystery and exoticism of the infield, especially if it is small in size.Climbing on the support of culture take up little space.To plant can grow up, they need to organize support, which will not only support them, but also a positive impact on their development and flowering.If desired, and some ability to grill for climbing plants can be made independently.There are three types of support:

1. Construction of small size, which can make from scrap materials.They include arches, arbors, pergolas, trellises.
2. Supports for the vines growing up the walls of houses and other structures.
3. Garden design in the form of arrays of different materials, scaffolds for creating single tracks.

Garden lattice for climbing plants is necessary not only to support the vines, it is also necessary in order to hide unsightly areas, shade area, to reduce the flow of wind, giving the garden a certain s

tyle, the most advantageous to focus its elements.Adaptations under vines will be useful in the case of the rational use of the site.They are suitable, for example, for the cultivation of peas or lagenarii.

Grille for climbing plants must be reliable and safe to use, otherwise the sprouting vines, it can be destroyed.To provide maximum sustainable construction, you need to dig as deeply as possible in support of the land or build a pier foundation for it.The design should have a rough surface and anti-slip devices to prevent the vine fall under its own weight.

Tapestry - lattice for climbing plants.To make it out of wood, you can use the following data: the height of the tapestry - 180 cm, width - 60 cm, height of the cell - 25 cm, width - 15 cm. In order to make the inner frame rails require two dimensions 25 * 15 mm.In the production of lattice board will need four 180 cm long and eight boards 60 cm long. Reiki are connected to each other by means of screws and special glue for wood surfaces.To give strength lattice for climbing plants is secured between the two frames, and the top plank is mounted horizontally.At the end of the trellis covered with varnish or paint.It is set at a distance of about 7-10 cm away from the wall so that the vines were able to have a good foothold support,

grid for climbing plants approach flowering annuals curling.You can find it in specialty stores.This design is suitable for installation anywhere in the suburban area.Covered with vegetation will be completely invisible grid, it would seem that the vines are pulled up on their own.To structure proved resilient during installation it must be taut in a selected area and to strengthen with the help of rods or nearby trees.