Become a maniac with Manhunt 2

by Rockstar has released a new version of the game Manhunt.The storyline of the second part, on the idea of ​​development, is fundamentally different from the first game, but Manhunt 2 is not inferior to his older brother by the abundance of violence and cruelty.

When released in 2003, the game gamers invite you to join the show on survival, where they necessarily had to hunt their own kind, the Manhunt 2 player is in the role of a maniac, one of whom, Professor Daniel Lamb - a voluntary victim of medical experiments.Company he is a former Special Forces soldier Leo Kasper.The game begins in the walls of the psychiatric clinic, the atmosphere of which is transmitted bright enough so that the impact on the psyche of the player properly.Heroes games uluchayut moment to escape from the "loony bin" and brutally disposing with medical staff, are on the streets.Maniacs do not differ much from the rest of the rabble that lives on the margins, however, did not seem to attract much attention to their persons


We can say with confidence that Manhunt 2 - a simulator of the life of a maniac who walk free, and only deals with the fact that looking for their victims and "punishing" them with special cruelty, and in the course are various items from the plastic bagto toilets, electrical switchboards and factory machines.

So before you start the game, think about the impact of games on the psyche.No wonder, the first version of Manhunt after its release and the subsequent scandal behind him in the circles of the public, received a ban on sales in Germany, Australia, England and other European countries.And even the age limit of 18 years has not contributed to the lifting of the ban with this entertainment.

noteworthy that the game, which was released in 2007, in the PC version came out only in 2009. Before that gamers have been forced to play in the manhunt 2 psp, and also on the Play Station and Nintendo.However, two years of waiting were worth it.The game schedule disgusting that, in principle, can be attributed to the positive aspects, as realism in games of this kind could lead many fans of the game straight to a psychiatrist.But the sounds used in the game, so real, that can cause strong emotions, until the tingling of the skin, nausea and even retching.

Manhunt 2 includes 14 levels to pass and the final, which is in accordance with the selected level of difficulty can be two options, each of which will be only one of the two maniacs, and the other on a plan will die at the hands of his comrade-in-arms.

During the game the main character will have to learn to hide in the shadows, engage the enemy noise, hide, sneak up from behind and perform a "penalty".What you need to know to pass the game Manhunt 2?Cheats for this game, and highlights the passage are widely available, but for the beginning it is useful to familiarize yourself with the interface, the main part of which is the radar.It displays opponents, their location, direction of travel and the amount of noise that surrounds them.

Opponents are indicated by arrows on the radar, and their color is a direct indicator of the enemy at the moment.The most dangerous - light red and red, in the first case, the color alerts that are actively looking for a maniac, and the second, that he was under the gun.The yellow color is a neutral state of the opponent, and blue indicates that he is stunned.Skull on the screen means punishment surrounding objects.By the way, do penalty can be three levels of severity are determined by the time you press the mouse to blow a lit color from white to red.The worst - "red" penalty.

The hero of the game can be simultaneously with four arms, one of each type, including gunshot.Although, if the player wants to make the game Manhunt 2 is really difficult, the use of handguns, rifles and machine guns should be abandoned.