How to make foam crafts with their hands

Interior - one of the most complex images, the creation of which spent a lot of effort, time and money.Some people prefer to use the services of experts, and someone considers himself an expert and doing it himself.The interior can be used completely different techniques and methods.One prefer simplicity and minimalism, while others seek to frame all the gold ornaments.Also, the materials for a lot - from steel and gold to paper and polyethylene.One of the most, perhaps, convenient - foam.What is needed to make crafts out of foam with your hands?

choice of material

To get started is to learn that not every foam suitable for the job.Normal, packaging, no special interest, as it is not amenable to treatment.No, it certainly can be used in the design, but if you need to do any complex figures from foam, then this option can immediately discard.Material required dense, preferably PS-4, or PVC.He just holds its shape better when the thread and not scattered.


Cutting-dimensional objects -

a difficult task, and do not always turn out to solve it immediately.First you need to clearly imagine what the result should come out, and define proportions.The easiest option - to make a pencil sketch, depicting the shadows and volume.For simple letters or flat figures is optional, but if the goal - to make a serious crafts foam with his hands, it is better initially to think of what needs to get out.

Tools of

Tools for carving foam vary depending on the size of the details that need to portray.For the most serious cuts, you can use a saw or jigsaw.For medium-sized - the usual jigsaw.For small parts use a sharp knife or a narrow scalpel.Masters also use soldering irons with special nozzles.

process works

foam - very soft material, it allows using a set of tools of different shapes, to create virtually any shape.Work on it can be time consuming, but it is still faster than produce the same wood.To create large objects can glue the foam blocks using almost any, not corroding the surface of the adhesive.Smooth forms can be fine sandpaper.


Make crafts foam hands - it's not all that is needed to create the finished interior elements.After finishing the figures it should be varnished, and the best paint.Attention!Some paints perfectly corrode foam, turning it into a multi-colored jelly.When choosing a cover first try it on a small piece of your material.Also, the foam can be covered by a miracle aluminum or bronze, pre-impregnated with a solution of white glue.The versatility of the foam allows unleash creative imagination.If

articles made of foam are obtained with their hands, they will be a great addition to the interior space, helping to create a full and complete image.