Play B-boy on the Playstation 2 - Overview

Overcoming in dance battles (throwdowns, like say the real b-boys), our B-boy with the time passes from the amateur league club, and after that, to the professional.He begins by knowing the minimum number of key moves, but lost to rival taught him fresh flourishes.Besides all this, rehearsing in his own studio, you can still pricked most famously twist "turntables» (windmill) and jump "zabezhki» (six step), and another to study the latest transitions between movements.

like watching the competition in b-boy on playstation?Regardless of the format (a tournament game for the flight, command either a single statement), the battle is for the medals in five disciplines: base (foundation), rhythm (rhythm), transitions (flow), creativity (creativity) and slope (blow up).Partners in turn go to the dance floor and "give heat", trying to seize the opportunity for more medals.What is happening is extremely reminiscent of Tony Hawk's concert, which took the tablet, so far rolled away.

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nce b-boy from the rest of the rhythm games - improvisation then available and encouraged.You do not have silly to press "cross", as soon as the screen is seen a "cross" - no, you are free to choose at least some movement.The main thing - first of all, to get with all of this into a rhythm and just be able to make the transition between the current and fresh movement.To help the player under the feet of a B-boy running around markers bars, painted in different colors.The white is quite simply "count down" Shift to gain a medal for a sense of rhythm.Blue agile mean episode as soon as it is possible to move from the 1st to the move differently.More than trick you link in a chain, the closer you are to the coin flow.Sami movement divided into 4 categories, each of which fits one of the keys of the joystick."Triangle" is responsible for the upper break (b.-b. top rock), «cross" - the basis for lower displacement, such as "zabezhki" and "helicopter", "circle" - for cool tricks (hence, torsion)in the end, "square" - for the retention of balance (b.-b. freeze) in the most unusual poses.Also, for the performance of certain techniques one must in addition not be lazy - for example, the second time to press the right button in a particular episode.Difficult techniques can help you make money icon blow up.And we shall not forget about the medal "for the creative layout."This merits deserve those b-boys, who quickly alternated movements of different groups, avoiding repetitions.

as they say, do not have to miss the dance floor, and the game b-boy is no exception.Blues comes on as soon as the court having your opponents.Our dancer, finally, allowed to dance during the concert of the opponent, but also to show him the derogatory gestures, though all these movements did not have a great influence on the final outcome.Clearly, the true native format directly breykerskih competitions such, though expected, is also ottantsuyut all 3 opponent in the game "on the fly", is only capable of a true fan of break-dance.In general, to start for fans of fun and do - directly they are willing to interpret and outfits from labels like Dope Ammo and Armory Records, and the role of the real stars break from all over the world, including Crazy Legs, Mouse and Ivan, and sample tunes - fromBlack Eyed Peas to Cypress Hill and James Brown.And, if you are «B-Boy» (or «B-Girl») in the soul, fearlessly buy this CD or can download the B-Boy PlayStation 2 for free.The rest, despite the uniqueness and fun to be able to get bored after two or three tournaments.