How to shoot live?

Anyone who tried to shoot a nightclub or at a concert, firmly aware of two major problems.

1. Focusing difficulty on the subject. dark object on a dark background.

2. Taking pictures at a very slow shutter speeds. in a club or at a concert usually dark.

Both of these difficulties, both together and separately, can lead to the fact that the subject become a smeared spot.What would this do not happen you need to have excellent knowledge of the art of photography and a steady hand.

First of all, do not be afraid to raise the value of the ISO.Previously, when photography was in the hands of only the film, raising this important parameter caused some difficulties.It was necessary to advance to buy the film the desired sensitivity.Now it is very easy for a few seconds.But with the rise of this parameter should be a little careful.Increased sensitivity inevitably leads to the emergence of digital noise in the picture.ISO speed should be increased gradually, depending on the light conditions.

ISO is the first thing that you can take.The first and most simple.If you approach more seriously, for quality shooting in the dark, it will be very useful aperture optics.The presence of these lenses, optical stabilizer will also be helpful.All this will allow you to reduce the shutter speed to 5-6 degrees.This is enough to get a high-quality photograph.

But what if the photographer is not modern technology in the form of expensive lenses.Nothing remains but to improvise.Iso clocked you, then carefully study the situation.Catch the moment when the subject will be illuminated, and at this point remove.If the song is slow, the artists on the stage behave less active.Again, this is in your favor.If all this is not, there is nothing left but to use the flash.In my experience that the use of the flash completely kills all the colors that can be obtained in the photo.Often oiled but bright and colorful photographs will look more interesting than a flat but sharp picture.

If you have a tripod or monopod is very good.If there is nothing to worry about.If you look around, you can probably find some stress, which could be recorded on the camera.In the extreme case, you can take advantage of his friend's shoulder.The main thing that it is stable on his feet.

Using these small tips, your photos from the concerts should be much better.

Successful you pictures.