How to sew the top with their hands for half an hour?

familiar situation: you want a new thing, and the right size is not present, the colors are not the ones that hang in the store - does not fit perfectly, low-quality fabric.Only one way out: to sit at the sewing machine.Many women are interested in how to sew the top with his own hands, and how hard it is.It turns out that the task handle even the novice mistress.After all, we sew the top, as a rule, the most simple principles, and often even without a pattern.

Of course, it all depends on what model we choose.For beginners we recommend to choose materials for knitted top.It is only at first it seems that working with trailing tissues complicated.In fact, using a suitable stitch presser foot and the thread in the sewing machine, it can all be made no more than one hour.And if you have a serger, and at least a basic knowledge of how to use it, the question of "how to sew the top with their hands," the solution for you.Enough to take the section of tissue along the length equal to the product (plus tw

o or three centimeters on each side on the allowances).Its width should ensure smooth fit to the body.If the fabric is knit, you can simply sew the side seam and get the ring.Elastic materials do not require the use of rubber bands or even lyamochek, and so they will stay in the figure.Although optional, you can use them.Top can be done Drawstring, which insert to tie a ribbon or braid.The easiest option for the product powers - gum.

Knowing how to sew the top with your hands, you half an hour to provide themselves with new clothes for the summer.Top strapless can be worn during the cold season - for example, under a jacket.This is the simplest model.If you try and look in fashion magazines instructions for how to make the top with their hands (for example, "Burda fashionable" or "Diana"), can be made more complex styles.The basic rule is: if the material is not knitted need closure.Often sew such models with a lock (a hidden zipper) in the side seam.Not every woman is a decision for the soul, especially given how often broken zipper.In the event that non-elastic fabric, will also be required darts in the bust, which will create volume.Shoulder straps can be either homemade (from the tape, from the same fabric, woven), and purchased power.Nevertheless, for beginners handy people who do not know how to sew the top with his own hands, we strongly recommend that jersey.A few simple manipulations - and you get a completely original product.Then it all depends on the imagination.Top-style gangs and can be decorated on top, and bottom - for example, sewn (or glued) sequins, lace, ribbons, braiding.After processing pinstriped jersey overlock, you get a nice frill that can be used as a decoration or to make her delicate straps.

Of course, every woman has their own preferences in the choice of materials.However we recommend using first fabric with a high content of cotton or viscose.Firstly, they are comfortable to wear not electrified, do not slide, do not adhere to other clothing.Secondly, they are extremely hygroscopic and hygienic.With the ability to absorb moisture, cotton jersey is an indispensable material for the summer.Festive top can be sewn and made of silk and velvet, but is always mindful of its comfort, then any party in the July heat you can feel at ease.