Apple trees decorative landscape design

Today, attention is paid to landscaping, beautification of the surrounding areas.For this purpose, a variety of plants, arranged artificial ponds, hills and stuff.Often used to decorate the area decorative apple.It is beautiful trees, astonishingly varied species.Moreover, they are distinguished by their ruggedness.

Description decorative apple

Rod is divided into 50 species, native to temperate and subtropical regions of the Northern Hemisphere.Apple trees are different breeds its small size, can reach a height of 10 meters, but these plants are rare.These fruit and ornamental trees have a rounded crown of irregular shape.Less common are apple trees, shrubs.The bark of the tree has a dark gray color.In the spring appear dark green leaves are ovate or elliptical in shape and length of up to 10 cm. In the fall they are painted in red or yellow and then fall off.

Flowering and fruiting of apple

spring decorative apple buds are covered first, which then bloom into beautiful flowers with a diameter

of 3-4 cm of white, pink or carmine color.In the future, from the flowers mature fruit - juicy apples.They can have different colors, some stand out for their brightness and saturation.The fruits vary in shape and size, inside there are 5 slots formed leathery wings.Flowers of apple contain a significant amount of pollen and nectar, and as other plants of the Rosaceae family, are pollinated by insects.In addition, they possess a gentle and pleasant aroma.Apple trees in bloom is very beautiful decorative.The flowering period lasts about two weeks to create an enabling environment.Prior to that, there are buds, and pleasing to the eye.As a result, you can enjoy the beauty of the trees about a month.Another special kind of apple decorative acquire by the end of July - early August.At this time, the fruits ripen, numerous and well-dressed.Although ornamental rocks are more likely to be small and tasteless.


apple apple tree decoration very unpretentious and resistant to various weather conditions.It is easy to tolerate drought and severe frosts, patient to the gas concentration, salinity, or dust.Because of these properties can be used decorative apple trees for planting in urban areas.The only essential condition - the trees are best planted in full sun without water stagnation.Caring for the apple is the same as for conventional types.All this led to what is now a very common decorative apple tree, which can be bought in many specialty stores.Reproduction of plants is carried out by means of seeds.Autumn - using freshly picked, and then - after stratification.When planting in the spring season stratification is carried out from December to sowing.Apple trees are propagated by grafting ornamental.

Before the trees were rarely used as decorations surrounding areas, but now it has become more common.There are many varieties of plants.Among them are particularly popular decorative apple "royalties".Its flowers are especially beautiful, and the fruit - bright and numerous.