Curbing perennial flowers - types and a brief description of

Unlimited possibilities for the design of flower beds and various rabatok open a variety of annual and perennial plants.Especially numerous perennial flowers for the garden.Catalog decent company that cultivates or distributes planting their seeds, has dozens, sometimes hundreds of species and varieties and even more.This variety is easy to get lost, but to choose the right plants you can from early spring until late autumn to enjoy colorful views of the surrounding area.Therefore pay special attention to the selection of plants.

the foreground flower beds or planted along the paths are usually fillets perennial flowers.They differ little in height, have thick texture, are often characterized by decorative foliage that retains its good appearance even in drought conditions and does not lose its shape until the end of the season.These plants include many species.For planting in the sun beds use the following fillets perennial flowers: Armero, arabis, alissum rock, different varieties of clover, hysso

p, Iberis, fescue, stonecrops, young, tansy, phlox styloid.In the umbra and penumbra zhivuchka planted dwarf Astilbe, saxifrage, Brunner, Dicentra, ralichnye kinds of hellebore, lungwort.Decorative borders look as dwarf varieties of irises and lilies, chrysanthemums, Koloskova Veronica.

Most often herbaceous perennials during the winter dies aboveground part of the plant, but there are exceptions: the eastern and black hellebore, Heuchera and Stachys will be pleasing to the eye green, even if the rest of perennial flowers for the garden has long faded.They will be the first to get out from under the snow thaws in early spring.There are, however, and these perennials are quite picky.These include some watersheds, delphiniums, anhuza.Even if the fillets perennial flowers grow well and reproduce, they need to be from time to time to divide and transplant - it will not give them the opportunity to be reborn and grind.

Low-growing ground cover is recommended to use when the grains do not create a beautiful lawn.You can pick up such cultures that with minimal care will create a dense carpet of flowers and leaves.Such plants look great track between the plates or the court, as a continuous carpet in some parts of the rocky garden, as the land in the composition of colors.For the sunniest places often used creeping thyme, field chickweed, silver and Bieberstein, alpine Arabis, saxifrage different species.In the umbra and penumbra well developed periwinkle, Wallenstein ternate, Boudreau hederacea, loosestrife monetchaty, stonecrops (suprotivnolistny and white), Ajuga reptans, dyusheneya Indian, Ukrainian catnip, clover Bonanni.All these plants are well rooted, have a small height and form a continuous cover on the ground.Properly aligning and arranging fillets perennial flowers, ground cover plants and tall stands, you get a garden of marvelous beauty, which will be pleasing to the eye flowering and decorative greens with a very early spring until late autumn.