Trudging rose - where and how to plant

trudging rose - a real find for the decoration and arches, arbors, columns, walls and fences.The shoots of these plants reach a length of five meters, covered with dark green glossy leaves and thin curved spines.Flowers are usually not large, in racemes or small florets.There are double, semi-double and simple.Rose blooms profusely twine for 30-35 days, covered the entire length of bunches of bright buds.

To Rose grew well, you need to choose a place to land.Pick a site that morning, illuminated by the sun: the dew dries quickly, does not give the possibility to breed pests.In the afternoon, it is desirable that trudging rose in the shadow - the sun at this time is hot and can scorch the delicate beauty.He does not like it and drafts - is growing in such a case is bad, and gives a little color.

for normal plant development soil should have good water permeability.This means that the water must be quickly and smoothly go in the ground.If groundwater near the water or coming for a long time, probably

root rot.In this case, the bush can be lost.If your site is not a suitable place, you can get out of the situation as follows: dig a hole, which depth does not reach the level of underground water, put on the bottom of a large flat stone or a concreted bottom, and pour on top of fertile soil.Such a decision will not allow the water to rise up, and the roots of the roses are not waterlogged.In addition, stone or concrete will not develop deep root system and stem roots go horizontally.

best to twine the rose growing on light loam.She was ill-suited as a clay soil and sand.But in this situation, you can find a way out: in a place where you want to plant a rose, it is necessary to remove the source of the soil and to "dilute" it to others.Thus, the clay can be added to the sand, and the sand mix with the clay.To ensure a sufficient level of fertility add to the soil humus or humus, phosphorus fertilizers.

twine Planting roses need at least a meter from each other, and between the rows to keep 1.5-2 meters.If the landing is in several rows, then follow the chess order: so the plants do not shade each other.Prepared seedlings dipped in dug pits (they should be large enough so that the plant could spread its roots - the roots should not be allowed bending), buried neck 10 centimeters.Spread the roots thoroughly (you can in the center of the pit pour a mound of fertile land around it and place roots), covered with earth, which is well tamped.

With spring planting, additional events: Close seedlings film (a kind of mini-greenhouse).This will create a zone around the plant moisture that will facilitate the early engraftment.But that's not all.Very moody climbing roses.Care will need to continue daily need to ventilate the plant.To do this, lift the edge of the film.First, for a short time, then increase the length of time every day in the air.After two weeks, you should completely remove the film.