Frame for a picture with their hands for beginners in the craft

frame for a picture?The hands?Of course, it is possible and necessary.If you do not do needlework, and you so want to decorate the picture with their hands, place them in a frame and make them exclusives, then this article is for you.Frame for pictures with his own hands made, looks great in the interior of the room.

Sun frame for paintings

for this fun solar frame, you will need:

  • thick cardboard;
  • PVA glue;
  • stationery knife;
  • line, round 2 (large and smaller) plate or a compass;
  • metal loop-suspension;
  • old multicolored glossy magazines;
  • transparent plastic slide (A4) instead of glass;
  • and, of course, good mood, nice music and a little patience.
  1. On cardboard, draw a circle, which will be visible through the picture.Stand back from it by 10 cm and draw a circle around a second.Get more flat bagel.Cut out the first of the second round, then the inner sharp scissors or knife stationery.Doing this well on a flat rigid surface (you can take a plastic or wooden plank kitchen).Basis picture fr
    ames ready.You can do a few more of the same size.Take them until the side.
  2. And now a little patience!Colored sheets of glossy magazine Screw tight ducts on the bias (from the corner of the coffee leaf) or a straight (from the edge of the log sheet).You can cut glossy papyrus strips and screwed on a pencil or a knitting needle.The length and density of the tubes depends on your desire.Con ends to the tube does not spin up and were like colored sticks.
  3. finished tubes attach to the base with white glue so that the edge of the inner circle was flat and the edge of the second round - not even, ieOne tube is shorter and the other - the length (in the image, they are not glued to the substrate and bonded to each other with a metal wire).Allow the glue to dry and lightly touch up with varnish.
  4. Turn frame, Add to the circle, which will be visible through the pattern, cut off the excess.Stick to her canvas with the image from top to secure a square of cardboard to keep the structure and did not go beyond the edge of the outer circle.
  5. the second layer of cardboard glue metal loop-suspension.A frame for a picture with their hands ready.

Another option - square frame, which is made by the same method.Several round and square rims with very nice and fun to look at the interior of a child's room, in the hallway, in the hallway, on the veranda.The frame for the picture (or pictures) will lift your spirits.It is bright as the sun and a rainbow decorates the room pleases the eye.

Marine theme

Before you made the frame for pictures with his hands, but on the marine theme.It can be for photos and mirrors.Manufacturing such is the same as in the preceding description.It is the foundation, and it applied seashells, sea stars, small corals.These picture frames are made with their own hands in no time and still look beautiful in the bathroom, on the veranda, balcony.They can be designed as a round or square, oval, triangular.

There is a similar version of the frame, but with small stones.Such a product may be natural and artificial.In the first case it must be covered with varnish.This will allow the material as long as possible to preserve their natural qualities.

If you have an old frame, and you do not want to grind and paint it, then you can simply wrap the cloth or leather, suede wallpaper remnants in the color of furniture, etc.Will frame for a picture with their hands and made suitable for your furniture, wallpaper and carpets.

framework of twigs

now very popular souvenirs made of branches.Only harvested like raw materials should be in "raw" form, and then dry thoroughly.Give everyone shoots a single size, soak them in water for a day, then separate the peel.They will be smooth.Round frame to be collected as a wreath.First, you must prepare the ground using metal or thick cardboard, and on her fishing line or a soft wire fix ready green twigs.They are at this time more docile and flexible.For a circular frame, choose thin branches.Once they dry out, they need to be painted with varnish for wood.On the reverse side or attach the rope loop for a souvenir.Square frame made of branches to do a lot easier.One has only to clearly measure all the angles and see to it that the overall composition was smooth and consistent.

As you can see, to make picture frames with their own hands is not so difficult.In them your warmth, energy and a good memory.Be creative, because it is so nice.