An electrician in a wooden house: description of the main

Construction of apartment houses in our country every year is gaining popularity.And the most common building material is wood.The choice of this material due to its characteristics, which are many.But the main drawback of the tree is to wooden structures that are increased requirements for fire safety, as this material is highly flammable.This means that an electrician in a wooden house must meet the requirements of fire safety.

stages of electrical work in a wooden house

Any private home or cottage is a separate structure.To the electrician in a wooden house, a brick or the house, made of a different material, to function, you must choose the wiring accessories with characteristics corresponding to the results of calculations.And yet - the quality of installation.The works themselves Electricity house is divided into two stages:

- outdoor;

- intrahouse.

Street wiring

Any wooden house, whose construction is already completed, can be connected to the power line.Most often they are poles or p

illars on which are strung power cables.Street phase electrical connection means it is home to these lines.

Connecting homes to the general lines of force can be done by air or by underground methods.When the air way of connecting cable are forwarding from the power line to the house.Directly by the cable inside the building through a special metal sleeve.The house is connected to the shield cable intrahouse wiring.For air connection method used building cable brands SIP.Also worth noting is that this method is not too time-consuming.Besides, he malozatraten.

Underground connection method is much more expensive and more laborious than air.In this way, the connection of the power line to the house to dig a ditch, into which fits the cable.For these purposes the armored cable.Despite the cost of installation and the time spent underground connection method is more secure, reliable and durable.

-house wiring

After the board room is connected to power lines, can be installed in-house electrician.In a wooden house is performed as hidden and open wiring.

When mounting open wiring cables are attached to the wall.For additional insulation of the cable and make room aesthetics are laid in the cable channels or corrugations.Such wiring own hands is not so difficult to perform (subject to safety rules).

much more difficult situation when an electrician in a wooden house is done in a hidden form.This installation is very time-consuming.Most often it is performed at the stage of building a house.The essence of this method lies in the fact that the logs or boards are drilled through, and then carried out through the holes of metal pipes, and in which the cable will be located.In this case, at the stage of designing the house to determine the places for switches, lamp sockets and other electrical to prepare channels in walls for cable.