Tips on how to sew a tunic with his own hands

Such clothing as tunic, must necessarily be in the wardrobe of a woman, even if her curvy shape.This versatile clothing that is very easy to use and ideal for the summer season.If you can sew a little, it will not be for you tedious, and time will take quite a bit.


The tunic is good, it's the lack of clear contours.Flying cloth hides figure flaws and turn them into advantages.It can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings.Tell me more about how to sew a tunic with his hands in the style of "Die Fledermaus".What you need to work:

  • Graph paper.
  • centimeters.
  • Fabric (2 meters)
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Threads.
  • sewing machine.
  • accessories.
  • Jewellery.

to know how to sew a tunic with his own hands, it is necessary to measure its parameters (width of the neck, shoulder length: from the center of the neck to the expected level of the sleeve, length, girth thighs, chest: 4).On paper, at the top right hand corner to draw the line right angle, one side of which corresponds to the length tunic

, the other party - is the length of the shoulder and sleeves together.We have two points: the first is in line paper rectangle, the second - on the side of the perpendicular.They need to connect semicircular line.

neck is located in the upper right corner, it is also necessary to delineate the measured parameters of the neck in the shape of a semicircle.Side of the neck, which falls on the front of the tunic should be slightly longer than the back.Be sure to leave a margin for seam lines.Put the paper pattern on the fabric, and the contour outline stitch.You can not be afraid of too spacious style - it looks great.

There are two ways to sew a tunic with his hands in the style of "Die Fledermaus":

  1. easiest when the joints are made on the pattern, that is, along the lines of the sleeves, neck and processed.
  2. on patterns adding dotted line on which the fabric is then stitched.It represents a smooth silhouette figures, which come in handy chest and waist.

Look how beautiful it turns tunic (photo attached)!

With accessories and decorations you can complete the formation of: designate a line under the breast using buckles or elegant, a little on the thin rezinochku collected from the inside, to make the cuffs, decorate with beads, beads, sequins, rhinestones.


Now consider how to knit tunic needles.What you need to work:

  • Threads "Iris" - 400 g (or any yarn).
  • spokes № 1,5 - 5 pcs.
  • Some circular needles № 2.

knit stocking st ordinary product, which should be measured pre-girth thighs, chest, neck.

begin to knit from the bottom of the front, there is a slight gum 1 persons.1 PHI.on circular needles.Go to thicker needles and knit stocking st to the waist.Again knitting needles thin elastic waist Product 2 2. Thick needles to knit armholes.On both sides of the sleeve to add a loop and knit to the neck.Close hinged front.Assign similar to the back of the product.Sew sides.Elastic neck tie, you can also tie and sleeves.

Hopefully, now that you know how to sew a tunic with his own hands.Good luck in job!