How to make a boat of paper and what they are

Origami - the ancient art, which for many centuries in China engaged in only the most notable representatives of the upper strata of society.In Europe, also had a long tradition of folding paper figures, but data about survived less.Worldwide distribution of origami began only in the 20th century, when it was announced the use of this class for the development of intelligence, stress management, and to strengthen fine motor skills.

Simple figures

Small figurines made from tetrad page - such lovely memories have a child each.Every schoolboy knows how to make a boat of paper, big-eyed frog or airplane.Moreover, these artifacts even perform some simple steps: the boat floats, funny frog jumping, and airplanes fly on one another.For their manufacture only need a few minutes of free time and knowledge of the basic techniques of folding.And knowledge of how to make origami boat stored in adults, it is enough just to take a piece of paper, and to remember his childhood.

Paper Boat with a sail

To create a simple paper sailboat, you will need a sheet of rectangular shape.It must be folded in half in width.Then, on the side where the fold will need to bend angles to each other at right angles.The remaining free edges of sheets of paper needed to fold up and tuck all the way around the edges of the triangles sticking out.The billet must thus turn to get the shape of a square.There will need to bend the free angles diagonally up again to make a triangle.Again, turn it received a square.We hardly know how to make a boat of paper, because there was only one step: gently expand the workpiece holding summarized the upper corners around the future of the sail.Figurines need to stretch and then slightly bend the lower part, so that she could stand on the surface.With these ships can hold very real competition, running them to sail on the river, lake or just a puddle.

-pipe ship

little harder it will be to make twin-tube boat of paper, but it is quite capable of every student.To produce this figure will require a square sheet of paper.First, all the angles required to bend toward the center.Then the resulting inverted corners bent down and re-bend the middle of all the angles.And once again do the same thing: to turn the leaf and wrap up all the corners to the center.And again to turn.As a result, the top will be composed of four squares.And now a little trick, which you need to know before making a boat out of paper.Two opposing need to turn so that a pipe.And for the other two to take and carefully unscrew the figure to get a lovely boat.And yet!

can make boats and other schemes, and there are also more complex figures, and easier.Now you remember for a long time, how to make a boat of paper.This session will interest your children later, and then - and grandchildren.And, of course, will bring a lot of fun, can help relieve stress and cause a cheerful smile.