Rules creation and registration of a cushion for the rings Suite

exciting celebration - wedding day - long before the beginning surrounded by numerous preparations, among which occupies a special place range of accessories - cushions, which serves the birth of a new family code - ring.To choose a pillow for rings with the existing diversity in the salons not make much effort.However, the most valuable are these accessories made with his own hands.In either case it is necessary to remember that, like any other wedding accessories, it is designed to complement the image of the bride and groom, so must conform to a set of rules.

Decide how it will look in its final form pillow, special attention should be paid to the size, rather, free of ornaments space.The product shall be issued in such a way that it freely housed two rings and that they are not lost in the decorating elements and are not pushed at the slightest inclination.The ideal situation is considered to be a cushion for the rings with the product barely visible indentation in the middle part, artfully decora

ted around the edges and has a total area of ​​no more than the size of the blossoming of the bride's bouquet.The filler is well suited sintepon folded in two or three layers.It is evenly distributed within and sufficiently easy to process.A careful assessment of wedding rings pads require when it comes to color.Tint scale can be one-, two- or three-color design.

Aesthetically looks like an accessory, if the basis for the product laid down not only the color of the bride dress, but also the same type of material (satin, chiffon, lace), and as the finishing elements selected shades of color in a wedding bouquet and the groom's suit.It is appropriate to complement the decorative details: beads, rhinestones, flowers, ribbons.The main rule: a cushion for the rings must contain a quantity of decorative elements that they do not hide the continuous base web products.

right to act outside the model, made in the style of national traditions or inherited.In this case, the ornaments decorating the wedding pads must find its repetition if not in a suit and dress, the related accessories required.

So, embroidery can be decorated with a handkerchief hem dress the bride and groom, with the central part of the accessory embroidered monogram of the first letter of the bride and groom.Strong cross-stitch, which is present on the pad, will look at the important of wedding towels.Tied with a ribbon with the same pattern, the legs of glasses for the young will be a good wedding table decoration.

Whatever the choice of cushion for the rings, it is important to remember that it is one of the most important symbols signifying the beginning of a new family.Designed to express the harmonious combination of images of the bride and groom, it is, with the right design, it should be part of the ceremony, and then take its rightful place in the life of a young family in the future.