What good is a block container "North"?

Block-containers - metal cabins, dining rooms, guard posts and so on. Feature strength and versatility are used as warehouses or to arrange space for further accommodation.From usual for us wooden huts block container "North" have a higher value.Advantages in their durability, mobility and increased functionality.

metal bars that are at the bottom of the container block, help in using a wheeled chassis to transport shed any area.Such a container is able to last for many years.When you buy should pay attention to two kinds of building block containers - separable and non-models.This gives you the opportunity to pick up an office block container is to your taste, for its financial capacity, quality and level of functionality.

When choosing a multi-storey structures, you get a lot of opportunities for the realization of ideas and a maximum level of comfort.Block-container "North" - this is just what you need.

Let's see what advantages it gives us the acquisition and installation?The most important ch

aracteristic - the durability of the structure.Building block container "North" with a metal frame made of modern high quality materials.Billets it handled special components - and eventually obtained resistant to any mechanical damage and corrosion of the structure.Thanks to this responsible approach developers and manufacturers of block-containers can be used in different weather conditions and sudden changes in temperature.

operation in such conditions is possible only after the surface treatment with primer paint staining hardy.To improve comfort in a block container "North" between the skins is an additional layer of insulation.As it is possible to use mineral wool or URSA, which are safe for health and easy to use and install.Additional features heating will become possible after the accession of electricity.It is also possible arrangement container sewer and ventilation systems.

design features container

Many different designs have block collapsible container, but without the basic elements he can not do.The most important thing - the frame on which he mounted.For the construction of the frame using metal edges and flat sections.The second and equally important component of the design - the roof - has a geometric design with a bend on the four sides.The third component - the walls, which are used in the construction of sandwich panels.Customers can choose from the available profiles and determine the insulation (polystyrene foam or mineral wool).Buying block container "North", you can be sure that the choice is made decent.

strength in the joints is achieved with the help of thermo.The fourth component is a floor, which provided the strength of its multi-layered.To collect it, use the frame, insulation, plywood with water-repellent coating and vapor barrier film.Fifth part can be regarded as just two designs - the doors and windows, the location of which is standard or on the instructions of the customer.

selected block container, you get a reliable and comfortable space for living.