Siding "log": the advantages of mounting

siding, as well as other materials used for decoration of buildings, the consumer market is presented in a large assortment of textures and colors.

In order to choose the right siding, you must first decide on the material that you need.Naturally, in the first place remain as metal and wood - the so-called classic.But now, consumers can choose to furnish their home and other materials, such as vinyl siding "log" or metal siding is "log."This choice can be explained by the fact that this building material is less susceptible to changes in temperature and precipitation, rather than natural materials.That is why various types of the finishing product as siding "log", today could push the wood and metal, which can damage the mechanical means.

Siding under a log can be a great design solution for any building design, not only the structure of a country.This is an excellent imitation of natural wood, which will give the building a unique flavor.

Currently, to build a house of logs simply uneconomical.Th

is material is not as practical and durable, high-tech products as the modern construction industry.It just is losing ground compared with the siding, which is now extremely popular.

If the new material to provide proper care, it can last for at least 50 years old.Particularly important characteristics are moisture resistance and water resistance.Choosing eco siding "log", you can not fear for the health of their families.It is completely harmless for children and adults.Toxic substances it is not isolated and therefore not harmful to the environment and ecology.

Siding easy to install thanks to the design panel.They are equipped with special openings for easy firmware, and to connect with one another have projections and folds.Possible to mount the panels overlap.

Vinyl siding "log" is sometimes called the lining.Natural and live loads will not change its appearance.This is a very durable coating will provide some protection and facade of the house of pests, as well as the sun and fire.Between the lining and the wall is always possible to pave the layer of insulation.This will further increase the energy-saving and heat-insulating properties of the structure.For siding is easy to care for.It is not subject to strain corrosion and does not fade.Siding "log" is a non-toxic material when heated in the atmosphere of harmful substances are not available.

Produced Vinyl Siding under a log in a very large range of colors.This helps with current technologies to build a house, which will have its own personality.The structure over the years will continue to be attractive, while maintaining their original performance.