Foundation is a supporting part of the building, which transmits the load on the base of the overlying structure.Its type is determined during the design of the building.He has to be very robust and reliable.

foundation of PBS is the most popular concrete products.Today, it is the basic building material used for the construction and strengthening of a strong base of the structure, to create a base and walls in the basement.

Produced foundation of PBS at specialized plants vibrocompression technology in accordance with the requirements of GOST.Its production is constantly under the control of the factory OTC geometrical deviations and other qualities.The blocks are made of concrete, which includes granite rubble, contribute to the strength and frame of the valve for mounting.Manufacturers produce only certified high quality products.

its application foundation of PBS found in large-scale construction, and private.It is used in all soils.Depending on the nature of the soil varies only the

depth of his favorites.Available FBS different weights and sizes.For sale is a wide range of products - are separate and solid blocks for the foundation, column, and band.

If the foundation of PBS required special sizes and properties, manufacturers are taking applications for individual orders.Its installation is carried out on the technology of masonry - made dressing seams previous series, is controlled by correct positioning of the blocks with respect to each other.Particular attention is paid to the first row elements, which are placed in a specially prepared area.

Foundation of blocks PBS laid in cement mortar with the addition of sand.You can apply for this purpose a special glue, but it is much more expensive, so the first option is more acceptable.The solution is mixed directly on site.Proper installation eliminates structural shift in the case of movement of soil or groundwater.

Construction foundation of PBS belt type begins with a trench which dug to the required depth.Then it is covered with sand, tamping firmly, and then install the unit.For the construction works involve special equipment for digging the pit and crane for stacking blocks, concrete mixer, and a brigade of workers.We should not forget all the work before the mandatory design and taking into account all the subtleties in the work: the presence of the required quantity and quality of building materials, as well as the number and location of the FBS in the ranks.

The main advantage of such a foundation is its rapid construction of that building is important.From these blocks is going to the base of varying complexity.Apply PBS for construction of multi-storey high-rise buildings and minor height of buildings.Available in small size products for manual and heavy construction for mechanical work.Blocks have a high water - and frost resistance, durability and economy.They serve more than 150 years.