Raised fireplace - the warmth and comfort in your home

Everyone dreams of having his house or apartment was cozy and comfortable.Create an atmosphere, you can use a competent interior design, where the important role played by the fireplace.However, not everyone can afford to install a real fireplace complete the heating.Moreover, modern housing usually requires no heating is such constructions.A great option in this case - the false fireplace.With it you can create a home and does not need special permissions at various levels, as is the case with the present.

Before construction chimney will need to decide what the main function it will perform: a purely decorative (create symbolic presence of the hearth) or simulate a real fireplace.The style and design of its implementation depends on the selected function.For example, false fireplaces that mimic real ones, must be the same size as the original, have the chimney and furnace burners.Conventional fireplaces, perform more decorative function, must have a portal (a prominent part of the fireplace in the r

oom), but the presence of the furnace - on request.It can be replaced by an electric heater.If, however, expected only a symbolic presence of the hearth, the fireplace can be of arbitrary size and design, if not painted on the wall and extended the scenery.

Next we'll talk about how to make a false fireplace, simulating a real, independently.Its quick and easy to create without special skills in construction.To work is required to purchase a ready-made embedded compact wood-fired furnace, or an ordinary electric heater, which will only create (by LEDs) illusion of burning.In any case, false fireplace warming will not, but the feeling of warmth in the room will create exactly.If the furnace is chosen narrow, it will be easy to mount in the ceiling.And then just need to decorate the original portal to give this element of the interior quite a sight.

Modern masters and craftsmen make ornamental fireplaces made of brick, artificial stone, drywall, particle board and other materials.In addition, there are many stylistic approaches to the design.Elegant and noble looks portal figured hewn stone laid.If you try, it is a false fireplace can not be distinguished from the present.You can further enhance the effect by using different accessories, for example, to put beside the fireplace metal rack and place it on the shovel, broom, poker, next put a little wood.If the fireplace is not used a real fireplace, and the electric heater, such accessories will be only art decor.However, if it is possible to melt it with a small amount of wood, these elements are just useful to correct the flames and ash shovel.

easiest option of manufacturing the decorative fireplace is to use drywall.It is only necessary to make the project, calculate how much you will need sheets of drywall, profiles, screws, moldings, buy all the necessary materials and start the assembly.Joints need to be repaired, the entire structure zashpatlevat and paint, attach the decorative moldings and you can enjoy the result of the work.To make a false fireplace plasterboard, take only two days, most of the time it will take to drying of putty and paint.Inside the furnace in the flame can be used as a candle.This is the simplest way to decorate, which creates a small, but the fire, and there is an atmosphere of relaxation and romance.