Walling - the foundation of the building

parts of the building, protecting its scope, called envelopes.These include, for example, walls, floors, ceilings, walls, etc.Protecting designs can be both external and internal.External serve an important function of protecting the premises from the effects of various environmental factors.Interior designed to divide the room into separate sectors.

features of the device such structures is that they can be installed on site (monolithic) and collected their imported items - pre-engineered, etc.Building envelope may consist of both single layer and multiple.When the main layers of the multilayer structure may be such as an insulating carrying and finishing.

value of such parts of the building can not be overestimated.After all of them in the ground and depend on work and performance spaces, both residential and industrial.As an example, consider the wall.

Walling should be conducted in compliance with all technological requirements.If it's a brick wall, brickwork must be accurate and correct.Be su

re to fill in all joints, both vertical and horizontal, with cement mortar.Otherwise, through the slots later in the room moisture can penetrate.In addition, masonry to be performed completely in a single plane.

external building envelope made of prefabricated blocks, also need to be installed correctly.Require special attention joints between the slabs.For their putty should be used high-quality cement.Between the panels should not remain any gap.If they stay, it can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as high humidity and low temperature areas.

modern requirements for the design of premises and buildings involve the use of new types of fencing components.Such a mind can be attributed to modern translucent walling.This design, wherein they are freely passed into the room light.It may be some parts of the building as windows, glass doors, stained glass, etc.

are the types of buildings in which almost all of the building envelope can be translucent.For example, winter gardens, pavilions, etc.

translucent facade systems often are mounted on an aluminum frame.Sometimes it can be of metal and plastic, wood or steel.In addition, such cladding structures can be single or double.In packets that have two glazing contour, they may be arranged in a small distance from each other (15-30 cm), or it may be a "corridor" of the distance between the panes up to 1 m. The second kind of insulating glass and is much more expensiveour country is used infrequently.

value walling in the building can not be overestimated.In fact - this is the room itself, the box, that is the main part.