Drainage grating as an element of rainwater and drainage systems

interest in the construction of private homes in recent years has increased significantly.Many buy land in the country for this purpose.Not always, they are ideal for the construction of buildings.Very often it happens that before the construction is necessary to conduct some preparatory work.

Most often such training includes a device drainage system.If the soil on the acquired plot of crude, ie the water table is too high, the owner will have to reduce their levels.This drainage system is called linear depth.For its devices need to know how to properly install and apply various elements of the drainage system, such as pipes, wells, drainage gratings, etc., and be able to plan their location.

second type of drainage - point - used in almost any part, even dry.With this type of drainage sign everyone.All probably seen downspouts - an essential attribute of high-rise buildings.Surface drainage point system is used to remove from the walls and foundation of the house of rain and meltwater.For its uni

t private landlords need elements such as gutters, pipes, drainage gratings, various fastening.Often, these two types of drainage arranged simultaneously.

Drainage grating is used as a device in the deep drainage and point.Their main purpose - to protect the hatches, wells and water tanks from dirt, fallen leaves, etc.They also perform another useful function - to protect pedestrians from injury as well as the elements themselves drainage system from damage, for example, transport.

Modern industry produces a huge amount of drainage gratings of various kinds, for all purposes and of many different materials.Drainage grating must have first such quality as high strength.

this condition is particularly important when using this element places with increased load.For example, in car parks, motorways.But even in quiet places, such as parks and squares, grids should be secured hatches and wells.

They are made usually of metal.By European standards, lattice permissible load is divided into 6 classes.Classes represent letters of the alphabet from "A" to "F".Consider the main types of arrays.

  • Made of galvanized steel and stainless steel.They are very durable, hygienic, as easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.
  • copper and brass drain grate.Advantages they are the same as that of steel.
  • cast-iron grates.They are often made to custom sizes wells.The material may be a gray and ductile iron.The advantage of ductile iron gratings is that they can be divided into classes.

addition grids to protect the elements of drainage systems manufactured plastic gullies.They are attached to the tubes and have a separate structural element, like a basket for garbage collection.They are placed under the gutters.Lattice for inlets can be purchased separately.