Vinyl wallpaper glue and its features

appeared only recently on the market of building materials Vinyl wallpaper very quickly became popular.The reason - their unique quality characteristics.An attractive aspect is dense structure, which have a vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base.To glue them performed on surfaces with small imperfections and defects;material does not tend to shrink.

vinyl wallpaper glue can be run on any surface: plastered, concrete, wood, plastic.Attractive design and material allows you to create a variety of textures indoors original interiors.

today enjoys great popularity as sticky vinyl wallpaper for painting, which generally gives unlimited possibilities in creating unique color scheme for the interior living spaces and offices.Among the shortcomings can be noted their inability to pass air.A new species of vinyl tapestries, which is made from foam materials, has all the positive qualities of the ordinary, but it is characterized by excellent breathability.

How is sticky vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing

The first step is to prepare the surface to be wrapping.It will have to be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of its old finish, paint, glue, wallpaper whitewash.Existing defects should be eliminated with the help of putty.The pasted over surface should also be primed.After it is completely dry, you can continue to work.

to perform the work required to get not only the wallpaper, but also a special glue.Preparation of tapestries is narezyvanii bands, the length of which must be greater than 10 cm, than the previously measured length papered area.

vinyl wallpaper glue begins with the corner of the room in which to discourage using a pencil and a plumb line vertically.It was from her need to start gluing the prepared strips.Glue is applied to the wall using a roller or a paintbrush, preferably promazyvat thicker wall.The first strip is stuck strictly by a broken line.If necessary, correct the error, you can easily remove the strip and glue it again - the appearance of finishing material is not affected.

presses the strip to the wall with a rubber spatula and roller, while trying to squeeze out the rest of the material by air.Vinyl wallpaper glue strip is made of the strip, be sure to butt.

How to paste over the corner of the room

most difficult to implement is the time of pasting the corner of the room.Coat with glue interface walls should be with a brush and very carefully.Kleyut trellis corners overlap.Strips thus trimmed in width, allowances must be 10 -12 cm. The first corner is placed a band on top of it the next, and then a very sharp knife cut through the line angle.Surplus wallpaper removed.The joint thus obtained strictly through the corner.When the work should be very careful and attentive.

Special difficulties in gluing vinyl wallpaper is not to get a good result it is best to carry out the work in accordance with the recommendations, try to observe all phases of accuracy.