Choosing glazing: which is best suited for an apartment?

Even if a couple of years ago, a friend or relative you are advised to double-glazed windows, which retain heat better and look nicer, it already appeared on the market ten times more producers, and the choice on the advice of friends, alas, obsolete.This problem arises more frequently to those who matured to repair an old apartment or bought a house in the secondary market - as a rule, new buildings are equipped with double-glazed windows standard, and that's enough.

To understand what to order plastic windows, which is better of them fit in the "Khrushchev," "Stalinka" or "Czech woman" should be dealt with not only in engineering tricks construction, but also the manufacturer, and most importantly - in the characteristics of different types ofwindows.

indicators specific functional glazing

manufacturers often play on the ignorance of customers incomprehensible figures and characteristics: "Set the sliding windows with a thickening of up to 36 mm, 4-6-4-6-4, 0.54 m2 C ° /Vt.Quickly and efficie

ntly".So think about it, you circled around the finger or do not have time.

Let's start with the most simple and modifiable characteristics of glass - such as thickness.Companies insist on the need for a package window width is 36 mm instead of 24 mm established, terms that such windows 60-70 percent warmer.In general, this is true in terms of physics, because the windows - which, it is better to show an example - are made up of multiple units on a "sandwich."Between the glass fillers are gas: oxygen requires 15 mm distance between the panes, a krypton - 9 mm, argon - 12 mm.But here we are studying the effect of just returns, losing sight of the radiation, which is associated with up to 75% of heat loss.That is where lies the answer to the question of windows thermal conductivity depends not only on the thickness of the package, and order them thicker than 24 mm is almost meaningless.

Another factor requirements of the task: "windows - what better to choose?" - The temperature of the inner surfaces of glass blocks.From it depends on the presence of condensate - the unpleasant surprises that surprise loggias and balconies in the cold season.His role is played here by lowering the cold air flows to the bottom of the glass - thus only the edges of the windows fog up.

How not to fall for the bait and choose the best glazed ?

Before you make a purchase and execute a contract for the installation, please read the enclosed documentation for the window and compare it with the requirements of SNIP: What is the resistance, thickness and heat pack, the internal temperature of the surface of the glass?

Remember that bright attractive promotional offers additional functions often need a higher demand, in fact, only get worse or no effect on the functionality of the windows.Much also depends on the installation.For example, not the fact that determines the thickness of the sound insulation of glass - rather, the number and type of layers of air, the uniformity of thickness and composition of the glass.

Thinking about what plastic windows is better to choose, pay attention to the presence of logos, labels and presence in the heavy compounds - lead and cadmium.After all, high-quality windows in the apartment - not only communication with the outside world, but also the guarantee of health of households.