Glass fiber for painting - what is it

Under painting wallpaper produced on different bases: non-woven, paper.By staining it is possible not only to achieve desired colors, but also to increase the protective properties of wall coverings.Created unique products - fiberglass for painting.Let's look at them more closely.

bases used for glass fiber yarn from a mixture of lime, soda, silica sand and dolomite.The glass is heated to a high temperature, and then pull it out of the fiber of different thicknesses and types.

Such coatings are usually single layer.On the surface relief pattern: mat, diamond, herringbone and more.

Steklooboi paintable have a high degree of fire resistance, in addition, they are easy to install, resistant to deformation and elastic.Fiberglass - this is waterproof, durable and chemically neutral material.Wallpapers of it kept frequent washing brush.They also have a high density, which enables them to close small cracks in the plaster.

Steklooboi for painting widely used in construction because of the following char


  • durability;
  • Fire;
  • quality finish.

Previously, these materials are used only in the public areas.Now they are used in apartments and private homes, since there were different texture, weave.They can paste over any surface, even the doors, drawers and furniture.

Paint wall coverings need viscous - matte or glossy.Emphasize the texture of wallpaper glossy paint, matte give the figure depth.Repainted in different colors can be many times, but it must be remembered that the fine structure and a fine pattern through several layers of smoothed.Therefore, practical buying high relief.

Glass wall for painting is divided into two varieties:

  • 1 grade.They are distinguished by a uniform density and lack of nodules fiber connections.
  • 2 grade.They are made of poor quality materials, can be found on the surface wrinkles and bumps.Such coatings are cheaper wallpaper first grade.

«How to glue fiberglass for painting?" - You ask.The technology is simple.First, the wall is covered with latex primer neutral color.Special adhesive is applied to the wall rather than the wallpaper.The process of pasting stickers identical to conventional wallpaper.A few recommendations:

  • Glass fiber is cut into webs, leaving 5 cm to align the pattern;
  • wallpapering going by the "butt", combining drawing and faces;
  • Surplus trimmed.

fiberglass surface before painting primed with diluted glue.Needless staining can be performed in two ways:

  1. Average application.Paint a thick layer of emulsion paint, which will be the ground for the top color schemes.
  2. application of paint with the help of special tools.Paint squeegee or shade devices.2 types of paint applied with a slight difference in shades.The lower layer - acrylic paint, the top - blue.

The most famous of this type of coverage - fiberglass Wellton.They are made of wear-resistant material and easy to dye.But there are many other fine brands.

If you want to get a wonderful tapestry - use fiberglass for painting.And if ever you want to change the color - it will have no difficulty!