Grouse - a flower in your garden

Grouse - a perennial plant of the lily family.The flowering period is a truly magnificent spectacle that decorate any garden.The height can grow up to 1 m. Grouse (flower) is of several types: Monarch, chess, Rudd, Russian.The largest species, as you might guess by the name of the majestic, imperial view - the height of about 1 m, is undersized chess - no more than 50 cm. Just above the Russian grouse - 60 cm, and Radde - grows up to 80-90 cm. This plant is propagatedcloning (via bulbs), or seeds.

flower fritillary

How to identify fritillary (flower)?This bulbous plant, which has an unpleasant smell repulsive, its buds consist of broad fleshy scales, large-, drooping.There may be dismissed by one or inflorescences - racemose or umbellate at the top of the stem.Have the shape of a bell or cylinder, also are kubarevidnymi.Grouse begins to bloom, usually in the spring - in April - and can please their blossoming buds until June.Duration and month depends on the climate in which the flower grows.

garden plants - planting and care

Grouse - one of the most beautiful garden plants, but he has a negative side - it is not the most seductive aroma.However, it is believed that his unpleasant smell helps deter rodents.Flowers grouse requires timely care, but if you have something to lose sight, nothing terrible will happen to the plant.Since this is not the kind of whimsical, it can grow in the sun or in partial shade.However, to better prepare the landing of fertile soil.Avoid planting in the lowlands, where the humidity is high ground.It must be remembered that the flower fritillary care requires careful - 2 times is necessary to feed the plant mineral fertilizer during the growing season.Power for him is necessary.Grouse quite resistant to diseases.If, however, an exquisite garden plant under attack pests or diseases that require mandatory treatment insecticide and fungicide.By the beginning of July (first decade), when the grouse (flower) loses its appeal, it is necessary to cut the entire upper part, leaving only the land of the bulbs.By the end of July, when there will be a complete dying leaves, the bulbs need to dig.They are divided every 3-4 years.They should only be planted in late August - early September.Before that, they should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area.At the bottom of the planting hole dug recommended to fill with coarse river sand - this prevents rotting bulbs.You need to dig deep pits 15-20 cm tall species and 10-12 cm for undersized.When planting it is important to take good care of the bulbs, since they are easy to povredit.Vtoroy way of planting

Another way to landing grouse - the seeds.This option allows you to plant flowers on a larger scale, however, enjoy its beauty can not at once.Seeds are usually sown immediately after collection, it happens in summer.The first shoots sprout until the following year, and this lovely flower bloom in the 4th-5th year after planting.Grouse planted on lawns, in flower beds and parks.Also, in some areas fritillary (flower) grows wild on their own way.